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Your most powerful hook is coming
The global trend towards high intensity interval training (HIIT) is hotting up. People want big results, fast and new research proves that HIIT delivers accelerated results in just 30 minutes.....
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Get your team on board
Getting a great instructor team on board and excited from the very start is important for your overall club success....
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Wise use of social media
The Department of Recreational Sports is a popular destination at the Virginia Tech campus, who use clever marketing to target their customers.
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Fee-based programming: some quick considerations
There’s no doubt that micro-gyms are taking stage across the fitness industry. But when introducing fee-based programming, what are some of the key considerations to add value, create loyalty and generate revenue?
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Micro-gyms taking the stage
The latest trend sweeping across the fitness industry is the rise of micro-gyms. These clubs generally specialize in one or two types of training – often group exercise - offering customized attention, and charging premium fees. And it’s working.
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SMART training hot on the PT scene
The versatility of the Les Mills SMARTBAR™ means it can be used anywhere a barbell is required, whether that’s BODYPUMP®, on the gym floor, or for personal training sessions.
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