The LES MILLS™ System

With the LES MILLS™ group fitness system it's easy to optimize your group fitness - both in the workout room and on your balance sheet.

  • Program Solutions - our 13 group fitness and team training programs will keep your classes packed, and thanks to LES MILLS™ Virtual you can offer world leading classes around the clock
  • Club Performance Solutions - And our world-class club performance solutions will help keep your business in peak form


Program Solutions

What we offer:

  • Thirteen group fitness and team training programs offering something for everyone.
  • Pre-choreographed routines to ensure consistency and quality - every time.
  • Chart-topping music and high-energy choreography, updated every three months to keep your classes fresh.
  • Dynamic, engaging and technically sound instructors.
  • Scientifically-based workouts that are safe, effective and fun.
  • Tested and refined with 75,000 instructors and millions of participants in over 13,000 clubs worldwide.
  • Training that will inspire, upskill and retain instructors.
  • Industry leading virtual classes enabling you to extend your timetable around the clock

Win the competition for new members.
World-leading group fitness programs that are a powerful magnet for attracting new members - and put your club well ahead of the competition.

Increasing retention rates.
Group fitness classes that inspire loyalty and a sense of belonging.
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Ensuring group fitness is consistent, dynamic, engaging and responsible.
Training, ongoing education and support that will transform your existing instructors into true group fitness rockstars.
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Club Performance Solutions

What we offer:

  • All the knowledge you need to manage your group fitness programs and instructors.
  • Best-practice recommendations and targeted workshops.
  • Cut-through ways to market and promote your club - including 'bring-a-friend' promotional materials.
  • Resources to support the launch of each quarterly release.
  • Custom-built software that makes measuring and managing your group fitness performance easier.
  • Simple tools to create effective timetables/schedules.

Finding and keeping great staff.
A world-renowned system that gives you the ability to source and recruit the best instructors.
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The right resources to help you grow your business.
Targeted workshops, best practice recommendations and practical tools optimize your group fitness performance.
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Creating excitement in your club.
Access to a vast online library of award-winning marketing materials as well as step-by-step guides to running campaigns and launch events that draw in new members and inspire your existing ones.
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