Gym-goers can't get enough of new nightclub-inspired exercise experience

27 Oct 2010

“Yay! Finally, a party without the drinking!” …

“I was sweating hard, but I just couldn’t stop dancing.” …

“It wasn’t like a workout. There was a real party atmosphere.”

From London to San Francisco and Auckland to New York, enthusiastic gym members can’t get enough of Les Mills SH’BAM™. These passionate individuals got a taste of the revolutionary new dance program when Les Mills recently piloted it in 65 clubs across the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. And they quite clearly want more.

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Enthusiastic fans in Europe and the United States won’t have long to wait. Clubs are already signing up to offer the new program, and SH’BAM™ classes will be added to timetables from January 2011.

Les Mills Chief Executive Phillip Mills says the instant interest in SH’BAM™ stems from the current popularity of dance – now one of the world’s Top 10 fitness trends, according to The American Council on Exercise .

Unlike other dance-inspired workouts that offer just one style of dance (primarily Latin), SH’BAM™ combines basic dance choreography with a soundtrack of chart-topping popular hits, dance music, remixes of familiar classics and modernized Latin tracks. The end result is a workout that emulates the moves, music and atmosphere that packs nightclubs all around the world.

“With SH’BAM™ classes we were able to attract more participants than any other class,” says Betsy Mancine from Fitness Revolution in North Hampton, New Hampshire. Becky Wax from Gold’s Gym Waukesha in Wisconsin adds, “Our first SH’BAM™ class kicked off with just 15 participants, but we soon regularly had around 40 attendees. In fact, all our primetime class are consistently packed to 80% capacity.”

Across the 1200 participants who piloted SH’BAM™ in 65 clubs, 92% said they are likely to attend SH’BAM™ regularly when it is offered in their club, and 90% indicated they are like to recommend SH’BAM™ to their friends.

SH’BAM’s structure makes it easy for people to pick up the simple moves, have fun with friends and get a great cardio workout. “Its simplicity will change the way people think of dance-based workouts,” says Mills. “It will prove that dance isn’t only for the rhythmically gifted.”

Simple and easy to learn, SH’BAM™ is the perfect complement to BODYJAM™ – the more complex Les Mills dance program that is currently offered in 3800 clubs around the world. Together these two programs enable health and fitness clubs to attract a far greater share of the dance market and capitalize on the groundswell of popularity around dance.

Like all LES MILLS™ programs, SH’BAM™ is backed by the quality-assured Les Mills group fitness system, which means participants can be assured of a safe, effective workout. A new release will be issued every three months, with new choreography, original music and instructor education resources. SH’BAM™ is the ninth in the suite of LES MILLS™ programs, which together are the most popular branded group exercise programs in the world’s gyms and health clubs.

About Les Mills

Les Mills International is the creator of nine global group fitness programs, including BODYPUMP™ (weights), BODYCOMBAT™ (martial arts) and RPM™ (indoor cycling). Millions of participants every week build their fitness in a LES MILLS™ class. More than 75,000 certified instructors teach the LES MILLS™ group fitness programs in over 13,000 licensed clubs around the world. From its base in Auckland, New Zealand, Les Mills renews each exercise-to-music program every three months with new choreography, licensed music and instructor education.

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