Become a Les Mills Instructor at 24 Hour Fitness

Experience the opportunity of a lifetime by advancing your career with Les Mills™! Become a star performer, packing classes with your passion, skill and the support of the world’s leading group fitness exponents.

Our instructor training is not just informative, it’s inspirational. You’ll cover the 5 key elements of training - choreography, technique, coaching, connecting, and fitness magic. It’s the only training out there to transform your raw talent into a world-class performance, every time.

You’ll also have the opportunity to continue your career by choosing a number of different paths. Becoming a Les Mills™ instructor is the first step in becoming a Trainer, an Assessor, a Group Fitness Manager and much more.

What should I expect?

The module is 2 full on days of physicality and knowledge that will prepare you to be a world class LES MILLS™ instructor. This requires a commitment of 8 to 9 hours each day plus learning tracks in advance. You will receive the latest and hottest music and choreography 10 days before the event. Clear your schedule!

What will I receive at the Module?

Covered in the training fee are all the tools needed: Program Manual, Music CD, Master Class DVD, and development and guidance from the LES MILLS™ National Trainers. ACE and AFAA credits will be awarded at the training. The assessment fee is also included in the training fee.

What if I trained and certified awhile back for BODYPUMP®?

If you have been consistently teaching BODYPUMP® at a licensed club and receiving the Quarterly Autoship, you are a current instructor and it is not necessary to attend the training. If you have not taught the program and received the quarterly resources for over one year, you are required to attend the entire module and submit a new assessment.

How do I register?

It’s simple! First, you will need to sign your instructor agreement that explains the terms of being a Les Mills instructor.
Once your account with us is verified (should be instant) you can then register for the training module in your area.


Any questions can be directed to:
tel: 415-733-0280
text us: 415-894-LMWC