Les Mills and Nestle® Fitness® breakfast cereals have joined forces to give you an unbeatable combination: a great breakfast and a fantastic dance workout!

We both share a passion for helping as many people as possible to live a healthier lifestyle.

As part of the Nestle® Fitness® Flat Belly Exercise Program you can now pick up a 20 minute LES MILLS™ dance workout. It comes with certain Nestle Fitness® cereal and cereal bar packs and let you try out Les Mills’ worldwide hit BODYJAM™ in your home.

There are two LES MILLS™ dance workouts to collect on specially marked packs.
Check them out!

Fusing together mambo, salsa and samba, BODYJAM™ Latin is a vibrant, energizing and hugely enjoyable Latin-inspired dance workout. Set to a motivating soundtrack of Latin beats, this revitalizing, fun dance class is sure to get your hips swinging and your heart rate up. Thanks to the combination of simple yet effective moves you’ll get a full body workout that will increase cardio fitness, burn calories and help to flatten the belly when done together with the full Flat Belly Program. Watch the preview here.

BODYJAM™ House is the cardio workout where the emphasis is as much on having fun as on breaking a sweat. Featuring uncomplicated but ultra-fun dance combinations, with BODYJAM™ House you’ll love getting your groove on as you embrace simple moves that follow the latest music and hottest dance trends. As part of the full Flat Belly Program, this high energy workout, burns calories, increases fitness and starts to tone your belly, are not the only benefits, you’ll also improve coordination and get hooked on the emotional high that comes from dance. Watch the preview here.


After you’ve had a taste of the BODYJAM™ Latin or BODYJAM™ House at-home workout you’re sure to want to experience the magic of a LES MILLS™ class...You’ve come to the right place!

You can find out where to do a LES MILLS™ dance class simply by clicking here!

Step into a LES MILLS™ class and there’s no doubt that you’ll love the buzz, inspiration and motivation that comes from working out as part of a group.

Every week in more than 13,500 clubs, in 75 countries, millions of people lose themselves for an hour in a LES MILLS™ group fitness class. These people know first hand that LES MILLS™ programs provide the ultimate fun and social way to reach their fitness goals. So what are you waiting for? Isn’t it time you joined them?

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