Smart training

SMART Training is one of the hottest things to hit the Personal Training scene in years. Using the innovative Les Mills SMARTBAR™ barbell and weights plates and a resistance tube, you can help your clients can get a fast, total-body workout that delivers great results and keeps them coming back for more.

There are four 15 minute SMART Training workouts available. Simply click on each video below to watch it play, or download it to use from your phone or tablet at the gym.

If you have an exercise or workout idea utilising the SMARTBAR™ equipment of your own that you’d like to submit to us, please email it through to and our fitness team will check it out.

SMART Training 1: Metabolic Resistance Workout

This is functional fitness at its most efficient! In 15 minutes you get a total body workout that will tighten, tone and strengthen like nothing else. Using the SMARTBAR™ dumbbell-style weight plates with ergonomic handles, you perform exercises using compound movement patterns that utilise all the major upper and lower body muscles in series of dynamic movements. This delivers the ultimate metabolic effect so you continue to burn calories (EPOC) for hours after your 15 minute workout is over. 

 > Download the Smart Training 1 guide

SMART Training 2: Strength – Chest and Triceps

It’s your chance to train the ‘push muscles’ with this upper body workout for chest, shoulders (anterior deltoid) and triceps. Using drop set training to maximise your time and effort, this 15 minute workout combines tubing and the SMARTBAR™ to load each rep through the entire movement. The use of barbell plates combined with tubing creates two maximal load points – at the top and bottom – of each rep. This helps you to maximise muscular fatigue to generate positive changes within the muscle.

Notes: Can combine with the ST: 3 workout to create a complete upper body workout. Ideal to perform on alternate days with the ST: 3 workout.

 > Download the Smart Training 2 guide

sMART Training 3: Strength – Back and Biceps

Work your ‘pull muscles’ with this 15 minute upper body workout designed to take you to fatigue with the result being the tight, toned muscles you’re after. Working the lats, rhomboids, shoulders (posterior deltoid) and bicep muscles, your posture will improve along with your muscle tone. Employing drop-set training, you’ll push yourself to the max and get the results to match. Integrated exercises mean your core strength improves doubling the bang for your buck and delivering functional strength where and how you need it.

Notes: Can combine with the ST: 2 workout to create a complete upper body workout. Ideal to perform on alternate days with the ST: 2 workout.

 > Download the Smart Training 3 guide

SMART Training 4: Dynamic Core training – with metabolic drive

Using Reactive Core Training, this 15 minute session provides a complete core workout which will tighten and tone like you can’t believe. Using single-loaded core exercises, you work one side of your body at a time, just like you do in everyday life, which results in exceptional functional strength to propel you through your day. The moves integrate muscles in your legs, core and upper body to deliver superior training and results. This workout is based on athletic movement patterns which improve your performance in sports and other training activities.

 > Download the Smart Training 4 guide

Creating a complete training program using SMART Training:

To create a complete workout program using SMART Training, each week combine: 1-2x ST: 1 workouts, 1x ST: 2 workout, 1x ST: 3 workout, 2x ST: 4 workouts and 1-2x 30 minute cardio sessions.

Before doing the SMART Training workouts please read this Disclaimer