Business Warranty


Slide the SMARTBAR™ weights plates into the gator head, ensuring that the weights plate locks securely into place. Load weights plates one by one up to a maximum of three weights plates (of any weight) on each side. We recommend loading the weights from largest to smallest so that the heaviest weight sits on the inside of the gator (i.e. closest to where it attaches to the bar).

To release a weights plate, pull the red handle towards the centre of the bar and slide the weight off the bar. Remove weights one by one.

Do not drop or throw the SMARTBAR™ bar or weights plates.

Store in a SMARTBAR™ Equipment Storage Rack, or horizontally on a solid, level surface. Do not store the SMARTBAR ™ bar on its end vertically. Avoid storing the SMARTBAR™ in extreme temperatures.



At Les Mills Merchandise Limited (Les Mills) we stand behind our materials and manufacturing and offer customers who purchase SMARTBAR™ equipment for commercial or in-club use a two year warranty on all SMARTBAR™ Equipment for manufacturing faults caused by materials or labour that occur during the warranty period. Les Mills’ local SMARTBAR™ distributor will, at its discretion, either repair or replace faulty SMARTBAR™ equipment in accordance with the conditions set out below.

Warranty Terms

This warranty is valid only in countries where Les Mills has an authorised SMARTBAR™ equipment distributor. It covers manufacturing faults occurring during the warranty period in SMARTBAR™ equipment purchased from Les Mills or a distributor authorised by Les Mills. The warranty applies only to the original purchaser and does not cover second hand equipment or re-sold equipment. The equipment must remain in the possession of the original buyer/owner and bear the original manufacturer’s serial number. The warranty period commences from the date on which the original buyer purchases the equipment. Warranty repairs will not extend the warranty period.


This warranty covers only failures due to manufacturing faults that occur during normal use. This warranty does not extend to faults resulting from normal wear, misuse, abuse, corrosion, damage incurred during loading or transportation, where the SMARTBAR™ equipment has been used other than as recommended by Les Mills or modified without the consent of Les Mills or improper storage. This warranty is invalid where the SMARTBAR equipment does not bear its original manufacturer’s serial number sticker or where the sticker has been removed, altered or tampered with in any way.

Neither Les Mills nor its authorised local SMARTBAR™ equipment distributor will be liable for any defects due to reasons beyond their control or for consequential damages or for breach of any implied warranty on the range of SMARTBAR™ equipment.

Claim Process

In the event that you want to make a warranty claim, in the first instance please complete and submit the Warranty Claim Form to us, including the following details:
1. Serial number of the faulty SMARTBAR™ equipment (located on the inside of the release handle).
2. Date of delivery of the faulty SMARTBAR™ equipment to the original purchaser.
3. Proof of purchase. Please retain your invoice in a safe place as proof of purchase as it is a precondition to any warranty action.
4. Information about the place and conditions of use of the SMARTBAR™ equipment (home, gym etc.).
5. Precise description of the fault (including photographs of the faulty SMARTBAR™ equipment).

Les Mills’ local SMARTBAR™ distributor will liaise with us to assess the issue and determine if the warranty applies. We will then work with our local SMARTBAR™ distributor to repair or replace the product. If we ask you to return the faulty SMARTBAR™ equipment, we will cover the cost of doing so.


Enquiries regarding warranties should be made to Les Mills at or your local Les Mills-authorised SMARTBAR™ equipment distributor.