Youtube live streaming temporary playlist terms and condition

November 2020

In our ongoing response to recent government restrictions resulting in clubs being closed, we, Les Mills, are making the specific workouts (choreography and music) contained in this YouTube livestreaming playlist available for certified Les Mills Instructors to live stream on social media channels. By using this content, you, an Instructor, acknowledge and agree to the following terms:

  1. These workouts may only be used while you and your club aren’t offering live classes due to Covid-19 closures. On the earlier of your club being back up and running or we remove this playlist, you must stop using these YouTube live stream workouts immediately.
  2. We are providing these work outs for you to livestream, you must not record livestreamed classes or make them available for playback at any time after the livestream.
  3. You can livestream programs that you are not certified in for this limited period, but you must use your best judgement as to what you are capable of and teach safely and effectively.
  4. You will ensure the appropriate insurance is in place to cover livestreaming (including any physical injury to participants). Look after your participants, and remind them that these classes are for participants who are in good health, and they should not participate if their health or ability to exercise is at risk.
  5. You will be responsible for compliance with any applicable laws and regulations that might apply to the livestream workouts. The terms and conditions that apply to Les Mills programs in your existing Instructor Agreement will also apply to livestream workouts (unless the context requires otherwise).
  6. Les Mills may withdraw its permission for you to livestream these workouts at any time without notice.


Lock-downs are back again but now is not the time to stop moving. Physical activity is one of the best ways to boost your immune system, and that means, now more than ever, members need our support to stay fit.

If your club is livestreaming classes using our regular Les Mills’ releases via the club’s platforms, you should be working with them to continue to deliver this experience to members, using the music that the club instructs you to use (as it will depend on the music licenses secured by the club).

We understand that not all instructors will have the opportunity to livestream classes on behalf of a licensed club, so we have also re-loaded the Livestream Workouts on YouTube. We’ve also provided some fresh content on this channel.

The workouts in this YouTube playlist are different to your regular quarterly releases (originals and covers) due to the music that we use for them do not require an additional music license on your part. A few things to keep in mind:

  • Les Mills-certified Instructors can teach all the workouts on this playlist, even if you aren’t certified in that specific program. Of courseyou must use your best judgement as to what you are capable of and teach safely and effectively. These are only for if your club is closed due to Coronavirus, or you have been furloughed.
  • Instructors and Clubs cannot record, store or share any of this content.