The UAE is world-renowned for its innovation and in a world first, we’re launching a new Instructor membership model here that allows instructors to teach any programme they are certified in at any hotel in the UAE.


How does it work?

The UAE Instructor Hotel Membership model is as simple as it sounds. It’s an additional service you can bolt on to your certification that allows you to instruct at any hotel in the UAE*. Les Mills has already reached out to all the hotels we are in contact with to inform them of the change, and we’ll do our best to connect you to properties looking for instructors. You’ll also be able to notify hotels of your availability effectively uncapping your teaching opportunities and increasing your earning capacity. There are literally hundreds of hotels in the UAE so the options are endless.

What are the benefits?

As mentioned, we’ve already notified the scores of hotels we deal with of the change, and many have confirmed they’re looking for instructors right now so we can connect you immediately. Because you are the holder of the Instructor Hotel Membership you can teach any program you are certified and music compliant in at any hotel in the country. If you want to pick up any additional programs, you’ll also receive 30% off module trainings while your membership is active. You’ll also receive an awesome digital membership card which you can show hotels to verify you have an active membership. It’s a win-win-win for instructors, hotels and their members and guests.

What is the cost?

We’re launching the Instructor Hotel Membership at the special monthly price of 299 AED. This includes your digital membership card, the ability to teach any active program at any hotel in the UAE, plus we’ll be actively reaching out to hotels to inform them of your availability. Most instructors will make that membership cost back in just a couple of classes so the rest is profit for you. This is a special introductory price for a limited time that you can lock in if you are one of the early adopters.

Does this mean I can teach at any hotel?

Well, yes! As long as your membership is active you can teach at any hotel in the UAE.

UAE Hotels do not need a Les Mills license at all now?

It’s important to note that under this model, hotels will not receive any of the support of a traditional licensed facility (such as access to our world class marketing and management support). Some larger hotels have told us they value this so they will continue to remain licensed. Additionally, facilities will still need a license to run Les Mills Virtual classes or get access to Les Mills On Demand or livestreaming for their members. But yes, short answer is for hotels to run Les Mills live classes the only requirement is that they utilise Les Mills instructors with an active Hotel Membership. They’ll be able to verify that by reviewing the Instructor Hotel Membership card you’ll receive once you’ve signed up.

Are there plans to roll this model out to other regions or other types of facilities?

At this stage no. This is a brand-new model that is being tested for the first time globally in the UAE. The hospitality market here is very unique in that hotels in many cases have full-service clubs and studios so it’s a model that may not work as well in other regions. If you are interested in trialing this in another region let us know below and we’ll keep you posted if the situation changes.

Is there anything else we need to know?

Yes, act fast! The initial price is only for a limited time before the price gets revised to 479 per month. For clarity if you sign on at the lower rate, you’ll retain that for the lifetime of your membership. We do reserve the right to revoke hotels that are not in good standing with Les Mills, but this would only be in exceptional circumstances and we’ll notify you if this happens.

Want to get started or learn more information?

Simply complete the form below and we’ll get your Instructor Hotel Membership agreement to you quick smart! If you’d like any more info just complete the form below and we’ll help you out.


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