We’re reaching out to let you know about a new livestreaming solution for you to teach classes virtually! This is the latest solution to support our club partners, instructors and your members during this challenging time. We know there’s a lot to digest in the Les Mills world lately, so we encourage you to tune into our Q&A webinar to learn more details and get your questions clarified.


We’ve created a collection of workouts with royalty-free original music that enables Les Mills Certified Instructors to live stream to members.

As a reminder, our normal releases use music that we license from artists and publishers that does not include the right to live stream. As much as we would love to, due to our music licensing arrangements we cannot permit clubs and instructors to live stream or otherwise record or broadcast any of our other programming or releases. We have great partnerships with music artists and publishers that we simply have to respect.


We want to support you, your club and your members to have access to our workouts and as much variety during this time as possible. This solution is only available as long as your club is forced to stay closed to members. We hope it becomes a great way to engage with your members and provide live classes in addition to you and your members having access to Les Mills On Demand.


Live streaming is exclusively available to Les Mills licensed facilities and instructors and should be performed with authorization from your licensed facility.

These workouts are meant to be taught by Les Mills Certified Instructors, and we recommend you stick to teaching programs you’re certified in, or those that are similar and you feel comfortable and confident in teaching safely and effectively. We do also ask that you and your club consider what programs are best for your members (and yourself) to ensure safety and the best possible workout experience.

FAQ: "Can an instructor live stream through their personal channels?"

  • We are strongly recommending Instructors go through their licensed club and the club’s preferred channels. The reason for this is to ensure members, clubs and Instructors stay connected during this time. And the most powerful way to keep members connected to their club is through their Instructor.
  • Having an online timetable through the club will help members easily find the classes available to them and therefore continue to remain active with their club. This process empowers Instructors to teach with their club both now and in the future.
  • We suggest Instructors reach out to their club to find out their plans for streaming and digital timetables, offer to get it going by either setting up the timetable or helping get their social channels ready, and if they’re not in a position to get it going now, continue to check in with the club as things are changing each day.
  • We’ve heard some concerns from Instructors that they aren’t able to live stream through clubs’ channels for a few reasons, mainly if they’ve have been laid off or furloughed, and the club prefers not to leverage this solution.
  • If an Instructor has done all they can to reach out to their club and they’ve either been unresponsive or have explicitly turned down this opportunity, an Instructor is permitted to live stream from their personal accounts. They must be an active Les Mills Certified Instructor, and have personal liability insurance to cover this activity. Livestreaming will only be made available while the COVID-19 pandemic forces clubs to remain closed.


Check out these materials, including an FAQ, handy hints on how to live stream, tools to help you market the workouts to members, and more.

The best way to receive additional guidance and answers to your questions will be to register for our webinar today. Once you’ve registered, even if you’re unable to join us live, you will receive the recording to watch On Demand anytime. This is true for any of our webinars!

This is an unprecedented situation, calling for unprecedented solutions. We know it’s not perfect and doesn’t substitute for seeing your members in person, but we hope this helps you create a little fitness magic for you and your members when we perhaps need it most. We’re here to talk through anything you need!

Kia kaha (stay strong),

Les Mills Middle East & Africa