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Next generation virtual represents the evolution of fitness video into a cinematic-quality format. We'll make it easy, let us calculate what virtual can do for your club. Simply give us your details and one of our team will be in touch shortly, or if you would like to get in touch right away, call us on +97145561470.

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What is Virtual Fitness?

Virtual Fitness is video-based group exercise played via a video screen in clubs. It's designed to provide regular exercisers with an opportunity to participate in group exercise at any time of day, outside of live class schedules. It is designed to provide a cost effective solutions for clubs to maximize empty studio space and increase opportunities for more members to be engaged in group exercise.

What is the LES MILLS Virtual solution?

LES MILLS Virtual takes our world class content to the big screen. It is the best workout experience available, as close as possible to a live class. LES MILLS Virtual features premium fitness content every time. Every program is scientifically proven, with great music, moves and led by world class presenters. LES MILLS Virtual classes are available as a premium option on most virtual player platforms in the market, or through our free of charge iPad application.

How will LES MILLS Virtual help my facility?

Virtual Fitness provides studio optimization, increased member attendance, member acquisition, improved retention, grows live class usage and provides a significant return on investment. It provides an engaging experience for members, in a format that is accessible and flexible.

How do I get LES MILLS Virtual into my facility?

To operate Virtual classes you need a suitable studio or designated space with a screen for viewing the content, AV equipment for sound and a platform for scheduling & playing the classes. To get access to the class content, you need a license which is charged monthly. If you don't already have the capability to play Virtual classes, we can connect you with great solutions, commission free, to help you get the best value fit out and design for your studio. Contact us today, and we can provide you with a step by step plan to launching Virtual in your club.

What equipment will I need?

You will need to consider what sort of screen and AV equipment provides the solution and experience for members. Depending on what platform scheduling solution you decide on you may need a platform player box or an iPad Pro. The exercise equipment required by participants during the class is dependant on the type of class.

Can I run both live and Virtual classes at my facility?

Absolutely, we recommend it. Virtual fitness is proven to grow live class attendance by 12%. Nothing can replace a live class experience for member experience and engagement.

How often are new Virtual classes available?

Classes are updated quarterly so they're fresh and you always have a range of class options available. LES MILLS Virtual is adding 3 new program categories this year.

How many virtual classes should I run to start with?

Virtual Classes should match the type of exercise categories offered by your live class schedule. We recommend running Virtual classes whenever your studio is not running a live class, but a minimum of 25 classes per week. Refer to our implementation guide for global insights on our scheduling approach.

What sort of training is involved for my team?

The best way to understand LES MILLS Virtual is to experience it, so get your team to try a class together! We also suggest running an introductory workshop to cover product knowledge and training drills for your team. Your local Les Mills team will support you through the launch process within your facility.

How can you guarantee safety in a LES MILLS Virtual class?

LES MILLS Virtual classes provide participants with proper safety and technique instructions. Within your facility you should complete your own risk assessment and put in protocols to satisfy your own standards of operation you’re your local market and studio conditions. There are also Virtual Beginner classes available for most programs.

What marketing support will my club receive?

We want you to successfully launch Virtual in your club, so we give all of our partners a complete 6 week launch plan with all marketing requirements and assets you need. Post launch, you will receive LES MILLS marketing materials to use in your club quarterly; refer to our implementation guide for all marketing and communication strategies. All materials are available through the LES MILLS online marketing portal Brand Central.

Can I purchase one Virtual License and schedule it across multiple different sites?

No. Each Virtual license is valid for a single facility and cannot be shared across multiple sites or clubs.

Do I need a separate Virtual License for each studio in my facility?

No. Your Virtual License covers all of your studios in your facility. Whether you have 1 studio or 5.

Who do I speak to about Virtual and who is my point of contact?

To introduce Virtual to your facility, contact us here. Depending on what platform solution you opt for, your support or maintenance contact will vary.