Thank you for celebrating 100 Days of BODYATTACK™ with us, it has been incredible. We've shown that we're fitter than ever! Thank you again for joining in on the action and spreading your love, passion and energy far and wide.


What makes our team special is that BODYATTACK is so much more than a work out to our team; it is a way of life. It is the fuel that empowers us to climb mountains (Mt. Rainier), fight disease, and live a healthy and active lifestyle. BODYATTACK's impact on our strength, endurance, and confidence unites us as a team and ignites within us a fire to live life to the fullest. Golds Gym Northwest's BODYATTACK Team is Fitter Together, Inspired in Unison, & Healthier and Happier Forever.

THE ORIGINAL Category Winner

Dear Lisa, My Name is Katie Serone. Being the Australian Aerobic Champion was my childhood dream and you have been the inspiration behind that dream. Winning this competition would be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me. My life as a single mum with two very small children meant that I had to put my aspirations of becoming a BODYATTACK Module Trainer or to even think about the journey towards becoming an International Master Trainer, on hold. Happily, my life and family have since grown, and I now have a very supportive man but my priority is still as a mother to my now four children. My love for BODYATTACK has always kept me on track, giving me purpose and the strength to stay focused through the hardest of times. BODYATTACK has saved me. At this stage of my life, winning a fitness experience with you and being on a BODYATTACK stage beside you especially in my hometown of Darwin would be like fulfilling my childhood dream and an experience I would cherish for a lifetime.

THE FITTEST Category Winner

My name is Garry Noakes, a qualified Les Mills instructor of BODYATTACK, BODYJAM, BODYPUMP. I am also a Personal Trainer. All these fitness qualifications I gained in my mid 50s. I am turning 61 years old this June and I can say that I have achieved my fitness goal and still continuing to inspire people, making them realise that age is just a number. I have proven that we can do anything if we put our hearts and minds into something we want to do. I was diagnosed with a high cholesterol level in 2010 and that made think of my health. As a former dancer in my younger days, I stopped for many years doing fitness and realised how important fitness is in my life. I am very proud of what I have achieved.

#BODYATTACK100 | #fitterthanever