Looking for quick wins and long-term strategies to ensure group fitness is delivering increased revenue for your club?

Attend our education course which summarizes the 8 Key Plays we have seen from our 50 years in the industry.

Our management education course, run over two consecutive days, details the successful tactics which have been tried & tested with clubs from all sectors and sizes, helping them to become some of the most profitable clubs around the world.

The 8 Key Plays cover all aspects of Group Fitness Management; from how to set targets that meet the club goals, how to create a timetable that drives maximum attendance through to how to recruit and motivate world class Instructors.

The GFM educates and provides essential tools to enable your club to plug and play some of the key principles that will shift the performance dial for you. We are proud to say that we are the only company providing this level of education in the Group Exercise space.

This course is run as a two-day workshop, so register your interest to attend and our team will be in contact with the details of the next one in your local area.

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Am I eligible to attend this course?

Eligibility to attend this course depends on your current role in a fitness facility.
You must either hold a current contract/full/part time role as either:

    • Fitness Manager
    • Club Manager
    • Group Fitness Manager
    • Site/Regional/Operations Management
    • Owner/Operator

If you are uncertain of your eligibility, please fill out the form above and our team will happily assist you.