A new name. A new pedigree of digital fitness. LES MILLS+ lands October 4.

This October, LES MILLS On Demand will become LES MILLS+. The new name for world-leading workouts on demand.

We’re taking everything members love, adding to it, and amplifying it.

LES MILLS+ members are set to get more personalization, more tracking, more motivation, more rewards, and more results.

And that’s just the beginning. Over time we’ll be introducing more improvements to better connect live and home workout experiences and give your members exactly what they want.


The digital fitness landscape – so it’s time we secure our position as THE premium solution.

We offer much more than just workouts ‘on demand’. We are the world’s only omnichannel fitness experience delivering world-leading content; backed by science to maximize results, crafted to incredible music, and presented by some of the world’s leading instructors.

Now more than ever, we need our platform that can match up to this.


The move to LES MILLS+ symbolizes how we are amplifying our digital experience, adding to our offering and enhancing the experience for members.

Members can experience the same unstoppable combination of world-leading instructors, science-backed moves and hot music they love live in-class and at home, along with:

+ More personalization

+ More tracking

+ More motivation

+ More results

+ And more innovation to come


We know how hard it is to stay motivated. We also know that providing members with a more personalized and dynamic experience is essential to helping them build a fitness habit.

Workout recommendations + enhanced search

To make super easy to get started, the new personalized app homepage serves up easy access to the workouts members will love.

  • Recommended workouts, educational articles and more.
  • Improved search makes it easy to find workouts by presenter name, exercise type and format.
  • Favorites functionality so you can stream later or download for offline use.

A more visual experience + improved playback

We are addressing one of the biggest motivation struggles, and using stronger visual cues to help exercisers visualize progress and stay on track.

  • Personal preference settings allow for a curated journey with recommended workouts.
  • Playback features to easily navigate between tracks.
  • More prominent workout details, such as instructor, equipment needed, duration and intensity.

Progress tracking

Members who choose a workout challenge will find life so much easier – no more searching for workouts or forgetting what day they started.

  • Completed challenge workout are marked and the next workout is served up.
  • View history of all workouts when they were completed and average workout duration.
  • For each workout you can add personal notes or comment to connect with the community.


With LES MILLS+ the innovation will be ongoing. What we’re most excited about is a new ‘Find a Gym’ feature that’s currently in the pipeline. This will allow existing subscribers to easily find a live Les Mills class in their local area. It’s just one of the ways we are bridging the gap between live and home workout experiences and make LES MILLS+ the ultimate digital fitness partner.


What does this mean for club partners?

While live fitness experiences will always be the pinnacle, the digital fitness boom and the growth of home working mean today’s fitness consumers demand both a connected and convenient fitness experience.

Far from being a simple solution to tide the industry over during the COVID pandemic, livestream and on-demand have become vital additions to clubs’ long-term digital offerings. 80% of members planning to continue using them post-pandemic (2021 Les Mills Global Fitness Report).

Seamlessly linking live and digital will be key to club success. LES MILLS+ makes it easy. It’s a high-class digital offering that will satisfy existing members, while also helping clubs win new fans online, building brand affinity, and then eventually converting them to full members of the club.

Why the name change?

We’re changing our name for two reasons.

The first is because we want to shift away from ‘On Demand’, a term that reflects video streaming. While video is a core part of how we deliver our world class content, our app offers so much more. We want to reflect the extra features and the premium nature of our brand. We’ve done our research to be sure this new name resonates. Both prospect and existing consumers prefer LES MILLS+, saying that it has strong connotations to premium quality and added benefits.

The second reason is that is that app stores don’t let you have two app listings with the same name.

Is the new app available globally?

To ensure we could seamlessly introduce this new app we began with a soft launch first. This meant the new app was available in selected markets first and customers could choose if they wanted to use the new LES MILLS+ app or continue using LES MILLS On Demand.

The new app has soft launched in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, UK and USA. By the end of 2021, we hope to have this live in all countries that our digital offering is available in.

Can I use my LES MILLS On Demand login?

Yes! Existing login details will work across both LES MILLS On Demand and LES MILLS+, for both the app and web platforms.

How do members install the LES MILLS+ mobile app?

Will the LES MILLS On Demand app be removed from app stores?

We are confident members will love the LES MILLS+ experience, so we will be removing the app from iOS app stores. That means new members will only be able to download LES MILLS+. If existing members aren’t ready to transition yet they can stay using LES MILLS On Demand.

The LES MILLS On Demand app will be removed from app stores at different times depending on market.

Will members have to use the LES MILLS+ app?

We want to make sure members have enough time to get used to and enjoy the new LES MILLS+ app experience. We do not have plans that require a migration to LES MILLS+ this year.

When will the name changes take effect?

From early October, LES MILLS On Demand will become LES MILLS+ across all platforms and touchpoints.

How will marketing assets change and when?

We will be rolling out a new logo and suite of assets from early September. This will include brand guidelines and access to the same hero imagery and content as before. Assets will be available through our new asset platform Marketing Studio.

When should you tell members?

You can tell your members about these changes any time after the 4th of October. We request the official launch date be observed and partners avoid announcing earlier than this date.

Other than marketing material for the name change, what else are we providing to help generate buzz?

We’re going to be celebrating the new name and improved experience across all our key consumer channels. So existing members can expect to hear about if via emails, social media and on the platform itself.

What do these changes mean for Les Mills Instructors?

For instructors looking to pack their classes, LES MILLS+ can help. LES MILLS+ makes it easy for exercisers to stay connected to Les Mills workouts when they are unable to make a live class. It can also bring more people into live classes. For those experiencing ‘gymtimidation’, LES MILLS+ enables them to build their confidence in their own space before transitioning to a live class. And, with the introduction of the ‘Find a Gym’ feature, existing subscribers will be seamlessly directed to the local LES MILLS classes in their area.

To learn more, get in touch with your local Les Mills team.