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If your members love to dance, they will fall in love with Les Mills BODYJAM, our totally unique dance workout. Inspired by the freshest moves and most on-trend music from all over the world, BODYJAM is the high-energy cardio workout that turns your fitness studio into a dancefloor.

Want to get a feel for BODYJAM? Watch our latest workout trailer below.

What is BODYJAM?

BODYJAM is a dance-based workout designed to get you moving fast and working your body.

Taking inspiration from dancers all over the world, and mixing it up with House, Hip-hop, Drum ‘n’ Bass, Trap and all styles of electronic dance music, BODYJAM brings a dose of soul to your studio. At the same time, it’s a killer workout that burns calories and builds cardio fitness with every class.

Why it works for your members

BODYJAM's party atmosphere brings a unique dimension to exercise. It’s an awesome release, blowing out stress and allowing an escape from everyday life.

The creativity that goes into BODYJAM sets it apart from any other dance workout available to your members. The class is entirely inspired by how the body can move with the music. And for members who are resistant to the idea of working out, BODYJAM’s dance-based moves are a fun first step into group fitness.

The program can be run in a 30, 45 or 55 minute format, which makes BODYJAM easy to work into your club’s timetable at the times that work best for your members.

Why it works for you

BODYJAM has a huge feel good factor that keeps members coming back. The party vibe builds a bond between regulars, which means positive pressure to get together and hit the floor on a regular basis.

Interested in adding BODYJAM to your timetable? Get in touch.

Is your schedule working hard enough?





30, 45 or 55 minutes






Improved cardio fitness and agility, increased calorie burn