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Our tribe of 130,000 talented and inspiring instructors are comprehensively trained to teach our programs. What's more, we make online recruitment tools available and invite you to attend recruitment seminars so you can reach instructors easily and effectively.


Got passionate and committed group fitness instructors who would love to become LES MILLS™ certified? Our world-class training system makes it easy. Our training module and assessment process helps instructors master the five key elements of choreography, technique, coaching, connection, and creating fitness magic. Our quarterly workshops ensure that LES MILLS instructors are always up with the play on latest releases and fitness education, and remain inspired to create fitness magic in your club.

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Ongoing training, regular communication, constant support and inspiring new releases every three months ... these are just some of the reasons why LES MILLS instructors never want to leave! On average, LES MILLS instructors stay in the business for more than five years*, eclipsing the industry average of just two years.

Check out a LES MILLS Mega Quarterly education and support workshop to understand how LES MILLS instructors keep their classes fresh and exciting. This is what keeps your members coming back for more.

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