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    General FAQs
    • Log in to the scheduler, click on the programme you would like to update. An update pop up should appear. Click on the duration drop down and select the duration you required.

    • Synchronization should happen within one minute. If this is taking longer please contact Les Mills for support.

    • Double check you are editing the correct studio timetable. If you are still experiencing issues please contact Les Mills for support.

    • Click on the programme you would like to update. An update pop up should appear. Click REMOVE.

    • www.lesmillsvirtual.com. If you are a ClubCount user, please use your normal ClubCount login.

    • Once you have logged into the scheduler you will see the Timetable screen (left). To rename your Studio's click on the pencil symbol beside the Studio name and type the new name for that studio. Name the Studios as you call them within your facility e.g. Cycle Studio, Group Fitness Studio, Mind/Body Studio. You can add more Studios here but if these studios are going to be running Virtual classes then these also will need to be Setup by your Les Mills team within the Account Management system (Salesforce) to manage your Content entitlements.

      Step One
      • Select the date you want to schedule your class. You can either click on the date box on the left to select the week (a calendar will pop up) or use the arrows to scroll through to the date.
      • Select the date, this will then close the pop up and take the calendar to that week.

      Step Two
      • Once you have chosen the week or day simply click on the timeslot you want to schedule your class. A Pop-up screen will appear with more options for you to complete.
      • Once you have selected the timeslot for scheduling the Pop Up provides more options. You will notice the TIME and DAY have been pre-populated based on the time/day you selected on the calendar view. The time can be edited so for example you can schedule at 01:10 as opposed to just 01:00.
      • Choose your class Under the Group Fitness dropdown option you will be presented with all the program options you have available to schedule. This includes LIVE (Instructor-led) and Virtual classes. Select the class you want to schedule. An On Demand option is available, you can schedule time slots that members can select their own choice of program on the app to play within this time.
      •Release type: There are three types of releases that can be selected per Virtual program. Latest (the most recent/new release), Random – the scheduler will randomly select a release from the back catalogue, or Specify – this means you choose the release number. This is selected the RELEASE NUMBER field appears. Only the programs available for that device will appear for scheduling e.g. RPM for the Cycle Studio device.
      • Release number: If you select to SPECIFY the RELEASE then the circled field below will appear. This will then provide you the release number of all the available releases available to your club for that program. Select the number and then move onto the next step.
      •Class Frequency: The final step in scheduling a program within a time slot is to select the frequency of the program.

    • 1. Click on the Group Programs tab.
      2. Then click on Create New button.
      3. Then add name, workout type and image for your custom program.
      This program will be available to be scheduled as per any other program in the 'Setting up your timetable' section.

      • You may have had a loss of internet connection while downloading your content. And therefore you have a failed download. Please recheck your internet connection.

      • To check the programs that are still to download, unlock the admin mode, go to Settings, then 'manage downloads' on your virtual scheduler where you will be able to see the status of the program downloading.

      • Check that your internet connection on your iPad. Continuing download might take up to 12 hours.
        Please note: check your schedule to ensure this failed download has not been put on your schedule, as the class will not play. OR you might not have these on your account (being billed for these). If you have tried step one and the program is missing, please contact your Les Mills representative.

    • In the Les Mills Virtual scheduler, studio schedules can be assigned to different iPad devices. To manage these, navigate to the manage devices page in the settings.

    • The Apple lightning to HDMI adapter has power and HDMI output only. To connect this to a separate sound and video output, use and EDID with audio splitter to which plugs into the HDMI connector.