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    General FAQs
    • The LES MILLS Virtual App will reattempt to download your content overnight automatically.

    • This is usually caused by a mistake in scheduling, for example a BODYPUMP live class has been scheduled instead of a VIRTUAL BODYPUMP class. Check your Virtual Scheduler and confirm you have the following content:
      1. Check the correct studio selected - match the name on your iPad timetable with the studio name.
      2. Check the 'incorrect class / timeslot' and confirm you have the right day & week.
      3. Check the class type is correct, LIVE / Virtual.
      4. Check the correct release is selected - click on the class and check Random / Latest / Specify.
      5. Check the schedule has been sent to the iPad successfully - hover the mouse over the small icon to the right of the studio name. This will show you the status of the iPad (Storage + last seen online).

    • 1. Click the padlock icon in the top right hand corner of the iPad.
      2. Enter your 'Admin code' to unlock additional administrative features.
      3. This will reveal a pause button on the bottom right of the iPad in the 'NOW ON' banner.

    • 1. Check your display has power, is connected and switched on.
      2. Check the correct source input is selected. Most displays (projectors, TVs) have input selection buttons either on the display, or on the remote. Check all inputs one at a time in case this has been changed. Note, a display can have multiple HDMI inputs.
      3. Check the cables are all connected and nothing has been moved or bumped.

    • (e.g. the lights haven't dimmed, the screen hasn't come down)

      It's a good idea to restart the iPad, and follow the steps below:
      1. Exit guided access mode (refer here for instructions).
      2. Restart the iPad. (refer here for instructions).
      3. Once the iPad has been restarted, click the Les Mills Virtual App icon to open the app
      4. Re-enter guided access mode (refer step 1 above).
      5. Test the automation is working by waiting for a scheduled class to start or entering admin mode to manually start a class.

      If this is unsuccessful and you are not seeing the usual automation events, please contact your AV partner for further assistance.

      • You may have had a loss of internet connection while downloading your content. And therefore you have a failed download. Please recheck your internet connection.

      • To check the programmes that are still to download, unlock admin mode, go to Settings, then “manage downloads” on your virtual scheduler. You can see the status of the programmes downloading.

      • Check that your internet connection on your iPad. Continuing download might take up to 12 hours.
        Please note: check your schedule to ensure this failed download has not been put on your schedule, as the class will not play. OR you might not have these on your account (being billed for these). If you have tried step 1 and the programme is missing, please contact your Les Mills representative
    • In the Les Mills Virtual scheduler, studio schedules can be assigned to different iPad devices. To manage these, navigate to the manage devices page in the settings.

    • In the Les Mills Virtual scheduler, studio schedules can be assigned to different iPad devices. To manage these, navigate to the manage devices page in the settings.

    • When the iPad is first setup for LES MILLS Virtual, the first download is very large and can take a long time if you do not have a strong internet connection. We strongly recommend consulting your AV partner or IT support team to check if they can manage this offsite to reduce the strain on your club’s internet resources.

    • Yes, you can choose to set this update to off peak times within Manage Downloads in the Settings menu in the iPad app.

    • Check your internet connection and that the content can download freely. Please note , you will only be entitled to the content that you have paid to receive. Check with your Les Mills representative that you have the correct content entitlement.

    • Yes. Internet enables you to schedule classes and for the player to be updated as and when changes to the timetable occur or new content is available. The player can operate in an offline mode but still a robust internet connection is mandatory.

    • Charge your iPad, when it restarts and regains power your classes should start as normal. Please note that you should leave the iPad on 24/7 with power, do not turn off.

    • You should contact your local Les Mills representative as they need to dis-associate the timetable to the device in Salesforce.

    • To add an additional iPad to your account, contact your Les Mills representative who can arrange a new studio ready to connect your new iPad.

    • In the Les Mills Virtual scheduler, studio schedules can be assigned to different iPad devices. To manage these, navigate to the manage devices page in the settings.

    • You will receive automated reminders to reconnect any devices to the internet if they have been consistently offline for 30 days. If your iPad remains offline for an extended time, the iPad will be locked out and classes will not be available to play.

    • This will be because your LES MILLS Virtual classes are yet to download, they will display on the timetable once the download has been completed.

      • Click on the padlock on the top right hand corner of the iPad.Enter your 4-digit Admin code to unlock administrative control.
      • When unlocked, the iPad will show playback controls for any class that is 'Now Playing' in the bottom right hand corner of the iPad.
      • Stop the currently playing class.
      • Navigate to the 'Classes' tab, select a class and click the play button.
      • If there is enough time left before the next scheduled class starts, you will be able to start a new class.
        Click the padlock again to lock the iPad for normal use.
      • NOTE: the iPad will automatically lock itself after 45 seconds if you forget to lock it again unless you have toggled the override in the Settings tab.
      • In this case, only manually locking the iPad will work.