BODYSTEP is evolving help your members feel successful in their workout

BODYSTEP is being updated and refreshed to amplify your success

We know that a key factor to member retention is helping beginners to exercise feel successful in their workouts. By introducing some small changes to BODYSTEP™, we are making the workout more accessible to a wider demographic of people. These changes will provide members with the autonomy to work at the level that best suits them, and ensure they want to keep coming back to class.

What is changing?

We had received feedback asking for a fun, simple workout that mixed both Classic and Athletic workouts into one format. We saw this as an opportunity to take a fresh look at the program, and make some changes that would continue to excite our current members, as well as making it accessible for new people. The result is an effective workout that is easy to master, offering plenty of options, set to great music.

From 2019 BODYSTEP will no longer have two separate formats - Classic and Athletic – but will be offered as one class. This format embraces both the ‘alive and uplifted’ feel of the BODYSTEP Classic class, and the simple upper and lower body challenge of BODYSTEP Athletic class.

You will see more original music being used, with less covers, which we know your members will love! The format will still include the athletic feeling with the Athletic Circuit, and this now includes blocks of speed work to keep the ‘alive and uplifted’ feeling of the workout. We received feedback that members preferred standing, bodyweight moves, so we have eliminated the floor work and plate work in the Peak tracks.

Why your Instructors will love it

Trial Instructors and class members told us they:

  • Loved the incorporation of more original music
  • Loved the 3 Peak tracks and the fact that they do not have moves that take them to the floor or use plates
  • Loved the fact that we are into the first Peak earlier
  • Liked using of the weight plates just in Conditioning 1 and Conditioning 2
  • Loved the integration of the Speed Step moves into the Athletic Circuit – it helped keep that ‘lifted and alive’ feel in the circuit, whilst making the speed moves simpler
  • Loved not needing to alter the step height more than once – the Athletic Circuit, incorporating speed moves, is choreographed with one riser

What to tell your members

  • The change from two formats to one reflects the ongoing evolution of Les Mills programming.
  • This format embraces both the ‘alive and uplifted’ feel of the BODYSTEP Classic class, and the simple upper and lower body challenge of BODYSTEP Athletic class.

What to tell your Instructors

We are contacting Instructors directly to let them know of these changes.


Do I need to move to this new format immediately?

No – you can phase in as is appropriate for your BODYSTEP participants and timetable.

Are there different formats?

Yes – there are optional formats to give your participants what they want: the full 55-minute format, and 45 and 30-minute formats.

Can Instructors still teach older BODYSTEP releases?

Yes – we will provide guidance to them on how to integrate older releases into the new format.