It's getting easier to offer world-leading HIIT in your club

The popularity of HIIT continues to soar, with more and more members realizing the benefits of scientifically-structured programming led by highly-trained Instructors. We want to help your club dominate the HIIT category, so we’ve taken action to simplify the LES MILLS GRIT™ offering and help accelerate its growth.

We’re simplifying LES MILLS GRIT to amplify your success

We know that one of the biggest challenges clubs are facing is securing sufficient Instructors to really optimize the HIIT opportunity. Through small changes to the LES MILLS GRIT package, we are making it easier and more affordable for Instructors to teach the full LES MILLS GRIT offering. More Instructors, teaching more workouts, means more highly-engaged members in your club. It’s a win-win.

What is changing?

From 2019 LES MILLS GRIT will be repackaged as one program with three different variations: Strength, Cardio and Athletic.

The existing Strength and Cardio workouts remain unchanged. The current Plyo workout will be replaced with a new Athletic option. Focusing on agility and 3D movement patterns rather than explosive jumping, we are confident that this new Athletic option will attract more people into the HIIT studio.

The new LES MILLS GRIT package gives clubs the flexibility to offer all three different workouts.

Why your Instructors will love it

This new structure makes it easier for Instructors to learn and teach LES MILLS GRIT. They will now receive one LES MILLS GRIT release that enables them to teach all three workout options. They will receive:

  • One video file featuring all of the Strength, Cardio and Athletic content
  • One set of choreography notes covering all of the workout options
  • All of the tracks for all workout options – so they can easily construct their playlists.

The release will be priced at the standard Release price (so it will be the same as the BODYPUMP Release), which makes it an extremely cost-efficient way for Instructors to access a lot of material and teach a variety of workouts.

There is no need for current Instructors to do any additional Instructor training.

When will the changes take effect?

LES MILLS GRIT #28 will be the first release to reflect the changes. Instructors will receive the comprehensive new single LES MILLS GRIT Release in Feb/March 2019 (the exact timing will depend on your market). This aligns with the launch of a global marketing campaign designed to amplify awareness of LES MILLS GRIT to drive more people into your studio.

How you can make the most of these changes

While Instructors will be able to teach any LES MILLS GRIT variation they choose, we recommend that you specify whether the workout is Strength, Cardio or Athletic on your timetable. By providing this information upfront, you are likely to increase engagement and member satisfaction.

You can maximize member engagement by leveraging the upcoming LES MILLS GRIT global marketing campaign and using the new suite of marketing assets that will be made available on Brand Central in March 2019. In the meantime, you can access a suite of LES MILLS GRIT material here.

What to tell your members

  • The LES MILLS GRIT Strength and Cardio workouts are not changing.
  • The change from LES MILLS GRIT Plyo to Athletic reflects the ongoing evolution of Les Mills programming.
  • The new Athletic workout incorporates the latest training techniques, and a greater focus on agility and 3D movement patterns. While there’s less focus on explosive jumping, the athletic training will still send your heart rate sky-high and help you build a lean and athletic body.

What to tell your Instructors

We are contacting Instructors directly to let them know of these changes.


Why has the name changed from Plyo to Athletic?

The term Athletic best reflects the evolution of the program. Feedback suggested that 30-minutes of explosive jumping presented an intimidation factor, so we have evolved the program with an increased focus on agility and 3D movement patterns, and fewer plyometric jumps. As a result, the term Plyo is no longer a clear representation of the program. Feedback also told us that “Plyo” is not a meaningful term to anyone not familiar with plyometric training, the term “Athletic” has more resonance.

Why do you think it’s best to specify whether the workout is Strength, Cardio or Athletic on the timetable?

Customer feedback makes it clear that members do want to know what to expect from LES MILLS GRIT alone. Some are proficient with bodyweight training but less confident lifting weights (where previous experience with BODYPUMP can help), so making it clear which LES MILLS GRIT class is being taught will help with member expectations and satisfaction levels.

Also, LES MILLS GRIT is designed to be incorporated with other programs in a weekly training schedule, so being able to choose the right variations allows members to create variety in their training.

How many workout variations will there be now?

You can now offer three 30-minute workout variations: Strength, Cardio, and Athletic.

How will marketing assets change? From when?

All LES MILLS GRIT marketing assets will be updated to reflect the program evolution and a new and improved marketing kit will be available from March 2019. This aligns with the launch of a global marketing campaign designed to amplify awareness of LES MILLS GRIT and drive more people into your studio.

Can Instructors still teach older LES MILLS GRIT Plyo releases?

Yes, if they choose to. However, we recommend that you encourage your Instructors to deliver the most recent releases – as these are the releases that feature the latest training techniques and the freshest music.

What specifically is different between Plyo and Athletic?

Athletic has a wider variety of moves and training modalities – it is not purely focused on explosive jumping. It will now incorporate speed, strength and agility as well as plyometric movements for overall athletic conditioning. A LES MILLS GRIT Athletic class may include a SMARTBAR barbell and weight plates (release specific).

Do you use equipment in LES MILLS GRIT Athletic?

The new Athletic format may require the use of SMARTBAR barbell and weight plates (release specific) when matched to elements of LES MILLS GRIT Strength.