Les Mills is changing the name of its group fitness class CXWORX™ to LES MILLS CORE™. The new name will come into effect with release 41, set for distribution from February 2021.

Creative Director Kylie Gates says “LES MILLS CORE is a clear and simple proposition, meaning our club partners and instructors all around the world will see thousands more people doing the workout. This is an amazing and effective workout, and now more people are going to experience it. That’s a game changer.”


CXWORX / LES MILLS CORE is the ultimate scientific core workout for incredible core definition and sports performance. A 30 or 45-minute integrated core workout inspired by elite athletic training principles, LES MILLS CORE builds strength, stability and endurance in the muscles that support your core, including the abdominals, glutes and back which assists with balance and injury prevention. The workout includes exercises that utilize a LES MILLS SMARTBAND™, weight plates and bodyweight exercises like crunches, planks, and hovers.

The benefits:

  • Increase core strength and stability
  • Tone and condition your abs, glutes and back
  • Improve posture and movement control
  • Build muscular endurance and resilience
  • Restore function and balance to your core

Why is the name changing?

The name is changing to simplify the proposition and to help attract more new people to the workout. CXWORX is a unique name but LES MILLS CORE is a more accurate reflection of the workout.

What does the name change mean for clubs?

From release 41 in February 2021 (release 40 for VIRTUAL), CXWORX will simply be delivered as LES MILLS CORE. Clubs will have access to relaunch and new promotional assets from January 2021.

What does the name change mean for instructors?

All our certification and training will remain the same; only the name of the workout will change in our instructor portal, our Releases App and on LES MILLS websites around the world. Current CXWORX instructors will not need to re-certify or be issued with a new certification.

Is the workout changing?

The only variation to the workout itself is that there will be more of the core training you love! LES MILLS CORE will be available as both the standard 30-minute workout as well as an option for instructors and clubs who want to teach a longer 45-minute version. Our team has been trialling the 45-minute LES MILLS CORE option in our New Zealand gyms and with instructors all around the world. The feedback has been positive, and it has allowed us to confidently offer a 45-minute option.

What do the different formats of LES MILLS CORE look like?

The 30-minute format remains the same:

  1. Warmup
  2. Core Strength 1
  3. Standing Strength 1
  4. Standing Strength 2
  5. Core Strength 2
  6. Core Strength 3

The 45-minute format includes all tracks from the 30-minute format with the addition of three tracks, and delivered in a different order:

  1. Warmup-45 [45-min only]
  2. Core Strength 1
  3. Standing Strength 1
  4. Standing Strength 2
  5. Standing Strength 3 [Can be used as Bonus Track 3 in 30-min format]
  6. Isolation [Warmup track from 30-min format]
  7. Core Strength 2
  8. Core Strength 3
  9. Stretch [45-min only]

Will instructors going through Initial Module Training from now be getting new information due to the addition of the 45-minute format?

The only change to Initial Module Training will be the addition of explaining that there is a 45-minute class format. The essence of LES MILLS CORE remains the same, and the structure of the training will not change.

Isn’t the 30-minute format the optimal length for a core workout, combining the right mix of strength, endurance, and intensity?

The format of the 30-minute class has been shown to be an effective core training stimulus and will remain as the foundation of the program, however, by adding extra standing portions and a stretch track, we are able to broaden the training approach to deliver more athletic core exercises. This has allowed us to provide a 45-minute option without compromising the integrity of the program.

The class structure for the 45-minute format means participants are fatiguing too early, with back-to-back core strength tracks. Will this structure continue?

This was the structure for United and Release 40, with the idea being to move from an athletic conditioning phase into a more focused core phase. However, this was always under review and based on the feedback we’ve received we’ve changed the structure (as described above).

Why are there two warmups in the 45-minute format?

While we were testing the 45-minute format in United and release 40 we kept the name of the warmup track from the 30-minute format, however from release 41 this track will be called Isolation (as described in the structure above).

Can the 45-minute format be ordered correctly in the Releases App?

Just like with all Les Mills programs there is a primary class format which determines how it is structured in the Releases App. In the case of LES MILLS CORE the 30-minute class is the primary format and therefore it will continue to be delivered with the extra tracks for the 45-minute class added at the end.