Announcing World United – a global movement to help relaunch your club, celebrate the return of fitness and its importance to our physical and mental health.

Like all the best things in life, fitness is an experience best shared with others. Research into the ‘group effect’ tells us that workouts are more motivating and enjoyable when we workout together, while we also get better results. So, after a period when our members have been isolated from friends, family, and familiar faces, what better way to kickstart the fitness sector’s COVID-19 recovery than with a global festival of fitness – World United.

What is World United?

World United is a global movement to relaunch the industry, celebrate the return of fitness, and its importance to our physical and mental health. We are celebrating this movement with the Q3 “Les Mills United” Releases.

What day do I need to remember?

The celebrations will run from Saturday 19 September 2020 onwards!

For those of you who remember the launch of BODYPUMP 100, this will be a similar event: a synchronized global launch of live and online fitness events involving thousands of clubs and instructors around the world. It’s an amazing way for us to come together and celebrate the magic of group fitness, as a collective worldwide group.

How can I get involved?

We would love for you and your club to host your own special launch party! This can be either live in-club or online via Les Mills’ livestreaming service.

This is a fabulous opportunity to celebrate the excitement of the new releases with your members. Pick a theme, encourage fancy dress, have competitions with prizes, team-teach with fellow Instructors, go wild!

My facility is (still) closed. Can I still run an event?

Yes, absolutely. We understand some countries may still be experiencing restrictions due to COVID-19, which is why we’ve made it possible for clubs and Instructors to stream workouts and run online fitness classes via our live-streaming solution.

The rules around a livestream class are the same as for a live class. The class needs to be taught by an active, certified Instructor in that specific Les Mills program on behalf of a club licensed for that Les Mills program.

What should I tell my members?

Make sure your members know the event date (begins Saturday 19 September), how they can sign up to attend, and that they’ll get the chance to experience the new United-themed Les Mills workouts, created by the world’s top Instructors. Chances are they have friends who would also like to attend the free open day, so check if your club is offering this option and then be sure to encourage them to bring guests along.

Fitness has and continues to be, our uniting force. We are united by our love of strength, of speed, of fitness. Tap into this powerful notion and excite your members by telling them they’re joining the biggest global fitness event of the year, bringing together thousands of clubs and Instructors from around the world to celebrate as one.

Why should I get involved?

Launches are a great way to showcase your teaching to members who may not have attended your class yet, but may become your new front row after they’ve seen you in action!

As well as the sheer fun of team-teaching with other Instructors, there’s the added benefit of picking up some new cues and tricks to use in your own classes. We’re often so busy with our own classes that we have limited time to see others teach, so launch day is a great opportunity to learn from other Instructors.

It’s also a fantastic way to show your support for your club and your members. After many months of being kept apart, people are yearning for deeper connection and human interactions, so this is a chance to both celebrate with your existing members, as well as welcome new faces into your class.

What’s so special about the Q3 2020 Les Mills program releases?

The Q3 2020 releases, LES MILLS United, were created and filmed during the lockdown in New Zealand. All programs feature special guest presenters from across the world, who filmed themselves on the iPhone in some very special locations! You’re going to love the “up close and personal” feeling with the Program Director, as well as enjoy looking out for your favorite Presenter on screen.

These releases are so special they won't feature release numbers; we will pick up the normal numbering system from the Q4 releases.

LES MILLS United release overview

Is it safe to run events?

Before planning your event or new release launch party, we suggest checking your local, state and national Covid-19 safety recommendations to ensure you’ll be compliant. Supporting education on how to run a successful live event under social distancing, as well as tips for hosting online workouts, can be found at

Get involved. Visit for more information and resources.

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