Your new tool for learning releases better and faster than ever.

We want your life as an Instructor to be as easy to manage as possible. We’ve listened to your feedback and have launched the official LES MILLS Releases App for iOS and Android. Imagine everything you need to learn your release at the touch of a button, including being able to read the choreography notes and watch the masterclass at the same time, in the palm of your hand.

Download the LES MILLS Releases App now from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

Welcome to Les Mills Releases

App Walkthrough

If you want to find more tutorial videos we have created a special YouTube playlist here.

There are five key ways LES MILLS Releases

will help you deliver the best fitness experience in each and every class:
  • Music

    The best chart-topping and original music, assembled into a cohesive compilation, licensed, and ready for you to use to wow your classes.

  • Choreography

    Each new workout plan is created by experts, trialed for weeks to get the workout factor just right, put to the test in our research labs, and documented in a format that makes it easy for you to learn.

  • Masterclass Filming

    Our production team creates 20+ Inspirational program videos each round, led by our expert Program Directors and the world’s best team of trainers and presenters. Whether you’re a visual or kinesthetic learner, Masterclass gives you the ability to see great technique and coaching in action, and to follow along as you learn, speeding up the amount of time it takes to learn each new release.

  • Research and Education

    We’re evolving and expanding the education we provide so we give you the latest on how to perform new moves or exercises, tips on how to safely coach participants to success, tools for motivating members, modifications for injury or pregnancy, and the latest industry research on both fitness and nutrition. Think of it as continuing education without all the extra costs!

  • Technology

    We tie it all together and deliver it straight you using the device that’s already in your pocket. The LES MILLS Releases App provides online and offline access to all parts of the kit and let’s them work together to make learning faster anytime, anywhere.



Why are we doing this?

We have built this app because we want to continue to improve
the experience of the Digital Kits and better align the way that you
learn your new releases to the other ways that you consume
music and media in your life.

How do I find the app in the Google Play store or Apple app store?

If you search for the ‘Les Mills Releases App’ you will be able to find it.

On what devices can I use the Les Mills Releases App?

The Les Mills Releases app is available on both Android
cellphones and tablets (running on 4.4 or higher) and iOS iPad,
iPhone or iPod Touch (using iOS8 or higher).

How do I log in?

Easy ‐ Simply use the same email address and password that you
currently use to log into the Instructor Portal. Please note, if you
know your username and password there is no need to reset it
from within the app.

Note: if you know your password, you should not need to change
or create a new one to use the app, but if you struggle for some
reason, try logging into the web portal and/or changing your
password and trying the app again.

What happens if I forget my password?

Should you forget your password, you will be able to reset your
password by clicking on the link ‘Forgot password’. You will then
receive a temporary password to your registered email address
with a link to re‐log in and reset your password. Note: You’ll need
to use the link and reset the password fully in the portal as the
app won’t accept a temporary password.

What is the authentication code?

The code registers your device against your instructor account.
You will find the code in your email inbox once you have
successfully entered your email and password. If you don’t see the
email, please check your spam and junk folders. If that doesn’t
work, ensure you’re using the correct email address and add ‘noreply@
lesmills.com’ to your safe sender list.

How many times can I download the Les Mills Releases App?

You can download the app on a maximum of three of your

What releases will be available to me the first time I login?

The first time you log in you’ll be able to see all the active
releases you’ve purchased/acquired across all your programs
from the last two years. This is all the content we’re able to
make available in the app based on our licensing agreements
with the various content owners.

Can I still download the music and mix and match playlists?

Just visit the instructor portal and download the music, drag it
into your iTunes or media player and create your playlist just like
you already do. In the coming future, the ability to create mix
and match playlists will be something you can do from within the
Les Mills Releases App, we can’t wait!

Why would you want to Download for Offline?

Great question! You would Download for Offline so that you can
use the masterclass, music or choreography notes without
needing to always be connected to WiFi or 3G. This way you can
learn your releases on the bus, train or plane without using up
your data or needing internet. How convenient is that?!

What does ‘pin’ mean?

Pinning a release or education video allows you to add it to your
‘Pinned’ page. This is like creating a ‘Watch Later’ or ‘My Likes’
page so you can easily jump straight into the masterclass or
education piece that you want to watch at a later.

What about previous releases? Will this app only provide releases starting now moving forward?

Nope! The first time that you login, you will see that all of your last
active 8 releases that you have purchased are there waiting for
you. Later we’ll add these back to the instructor portal as well.

Can I purchase new releases on the app?

Not at this time, but we hope to add this feature in the future. To buy
releases head to the Instructor Portal and either join Autoship for your
program, or buy the single releases when they become available.

How long will my releases be available?

Due to licensing restrictions we can make two years’ worth of releases
available to you via the app. Don’t worry, you’ll always be able to
download all the parts of the kit before the end of two years’ so you
can keep using your kits ongoing.

Can I watch my releases on my tv?

You can use AirPlay on your iOS devices using Apple TV, or you
can use a cord or adaptor to plug in your laptop or mobile
devices. Try learning a release with the masterclass on your big
screen and notes on your phone or tablet. We think you’ll love it.

Once you download a release for offline within the Releases app, can I delete it?

You sure can! If you go to your ‘Downloaded’ page and slide left on
the release title that you want to delete, you will see a red button
appear with the words ‘DELETE’. Press that, and boom, your
release is deleted. You can download and delete from within the
app as many times as you want. This is also a good idea to do once
you’ve confidently learned your release if you have limited
memory space on your device.

Can we still print out the notes and will the font be made larger?

You sure can! You can download the choreography notes
from the Instructor Portal just like you always have and you
can print them out from there.

Will the notes font be made larger?

We’re so thankful to all our instructors who’ve provided
constructive feedback. We’ve been listening and as a result we’ll
be re‐releasing the Quarter Two print‐friendly notes in the
coming week with a larger font and darker colour text so they
print more clearly. We’ll email you as soon as they’re ready.

How will I view the Education videos?

Masterclass and Education videos have their own sections on
the app. In the Education section, you will be able to view the
videos from all your certifications

Can I still use subtitles in the app?

You sure can! There is a button the video player, where you
can easily turn the subtitles on and off.

Can I still use the voices on/voice off feature?

Yes, you can! There is a button on the video player where you
can easily turn voice on and off.

How do I use bonus track/make mixes of the music?

To make mixes, you can download the music from the digital
portal and add the music to your iTunes and make your mix on
iTunes, just like you do now! Mixing and matching your music
tracks across multiple releases in the app is an exciting feature
that will be part of a future update!

What if I get stuck?

If you are experiencing an issue with logging in to the Releases
app, try resetting your password from your computer on the
Instructor Portal.

If you experience any issues with the instructor portal please
clear your browsing history and/or your browsers

If you are still experiencing issues, feel free to get in touch with
Tribe Support at lmuk.instructor@lesmills.com

How do I give feedback?

We’re very eager to hear your feedback on the new app and
you’ll be emailed a link to offer your thoughts and make
suggestions about a month after the app goes live. Keep an
eye out for it!



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