Proof that there are thousands of fitness heroes out there

When we put the call out to celebrate the 12 days of Christmas with 12 fitness heroes we had no idea that we’d be bombarded with fitness hero love!

Over the last two weeks we’ve had fitness hero nominations from all over the planet. Thank you to everyone who took the time to celebrate their fitness inspiration. Here’s just a handful of the awesome comments we received.

“My BODYPUMP™ and BODYSTEP™ instructor, Lisa B, is my fitness hero. This past year she was diagnosed with breast cancer, underwent surgery and has now started chemo. She returned to class as a participant soon after her surgery, and more recently came back again to instruct. She is always smiling and always working hard. On a day when I feel crappy, or just don’t feel like working out, I think of Lisa and what she is going through and her commitment to her class attendees, I realize that my excuses are ridiculous and I get to work!”
Stacey Wartluft Hanley

“My fitness hero is definitely be my boyfriend Marios Kaklis. He has been working out for over three years now and he is so passionate about it! Because of his passion for fitness, I decided to try it out as well and now we even go to the gym together. He is my inspiration and my motivation.”
Michelle van Loon

“I have many fit heroes! However, Avian Hash was the one who pushed me into truly believing I could become certified as a BODYPUMP™ instructor! I started going to Avian’s BODYPUMP™ class and have lost over 70 lbs. Since then I've become certified in BODYPUMP™ and teach about once a week. I still go to his class twice a week and LOVE the ‘fitfam’ culture he has built with his participants. It is a true extended family!”
Vicki Butler

“My fitness hero is Josh Keenum. He is a giver, a friend, and a mentor, and he makes me want to be better in all aspects of my life. He wants you to be successful and reach your goals no matter what they are – fitness, career or personal. His approachable personality and high energy is infectious and inspiring. He is my fitness idol and I strive to be a little bit more like him every day.”
Kristie Daly-Barnes

“My fit hero is Fabian Pinto, a BODYCOMBAT™ and BODYPUMP™ instructor and LES MILLS GRIT™ coach who has dedicated his life to the fitness. He changes the lives of many people in his own training center Streetfitness Entrenamiento, and this year tried to break the Guinness Word Record for the largest number of push ups in one hour. Although he failed in two attempts he had his tenacity and discipline shone through. He continues to be a great motivation.”
Henry Salinas

“My fitness hero is BODYCOMBAT instructor Iona Buckley. She’s a total inspiration and got my lazy ass moving with Zumba and then onto the gym and classes. She helped me get to where I am today, feeling healthier and so much better about my body. She’s gotten me to love exercising which was no easy feet! She's also totally lovely and works really hard to keep me and all of us working hard!”
Katy Perry

“My best friend Laura Kurtz, aka Loz is my fitness hero. She is a very passionate and talented group fitness instructor. This chick walked away from group fitness during 2014 for personal reasons. Loz didn't walk away and sulk. She sucked it up and continued to train in the gym and at home. Loz inspires me because she is selfless and relentlessly generous. When she trains with you she makes sure you get the most of your workout, often at the sacrifice of her own workout. Loz helped me do things I thought I couldn't do. I'm now training in the gym more, learning to do handstands (just for kicks) and she regularly gives me nutrition lessons in her kitchen. I'm so lucky our paths crossed. I'm physically and mentally healthier than ever.”
Katrina Umback

“My fitness hero is Brandi Hancock. I used to weigh 255 lbs three years ago and with Brandi’s help and knowledge she’s pushed me to my limits and I have lost 105 lbs and over 80 inches!
She saw in me what I didn't see or I was afraid of. She knew I could become a BODYPUMP™ instructor and supported me to do it. I have been teaching for one year now and I have such passion for it! I would not be where I am today without her!”
Kerstin Crabill

Neil Smith at Lifestyle Fitness in Manchester is my fit hero. He gets us all out of bed and motivated! The place wouldn't be the same without him and his masses of energy and advice. I know lots of others will agree. He deserves a medal!”
Lucy Clarke

“I joined my local gym, having suffered with Asthma issues for over 30 years, I had breathing difficulties and was not able to walk far. Mary Prime gave me the inspiration, confidence to believe in myself and help fight back against my Asthma. Through her BODYBALANCE™ class my breathing improved, yes it was struggle at first, and so were the changing moves and positions. Now almost 12 months on, my breathing and Asthma is much better. I’m doing things I never thought possible, all thanks to BODYBALANCE™ with Mary Prime. 2014 has changed my life forever!”
Chris Quelch

“My 2014 fitness hero is my partner, James D. Canavan. After teaching Les Mills programs for many years, this year he’s trained in two new programs – and with a great deal of focus and dedication has excelled in both of them. Not only that, he’s kept a program alive at our club. Now that's inspiring.”
Pamela Blackwood

“I have four fitness heroes - Penny Sayers Marvin Estrellado Deborah Cox and Ivan Ly. These individuals lead busy lives as doctors, nurses, and teachers but no matter what happens they show up to class and never give up. Each one pays attention to each and every member. It’s such a pleasure to be a part of your classes. Keep up the awesome work.”
Kristian Cooper

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