A trend with benefits

Cycling is hot right now. Celebrities, athletes, hipsters and environmentalists are all riding bikes. Now’s a great time to get in the saddle.

There’s a new movement in our world and it has to do with fewer than four wheels. The benefits of cycling are many, so chances are this trend is here to stay.

Cycling builds strength in your legs and makes your heart race to keep pace. An indoor cycling class is guaranteed to get you sweating from the word “go.” Even better, the endorphin high lasts long after the sweaty glow has come and gone.

Sexy legs aren’t just for the likes of Naomi Watts or Gwyneth Paltrow, who pedal around cool cities like New York. Whether you get on a bike inside or out, you too can tone your legs just by pushing pedals. It’s not just legs, either – the benefits will travel right up to your thighs and butt.

Cheetahs no longer hold the monopoly on speed. With indoor cycle workouts, you can rev up your legs and really make an impact on your cardiovascular fitness. Cycling classes utilize techniques like high-intensity inverval training (HIIT), which basically means your speedy outbursts yield all sorts of benefits.

While your legs may be spinning in circles, your heartrate definitely isn’t. People who cycle regularly have a high level of aerobic fitness. This means a strong heart and lungs and a reduced likeliness of heart disease. You can’t argue with a healthy heart, right?

You can push your limits in cycling without risking injury. At its core, the simple movement and minimal technique required mean that you can train hard safely and effectively.

Cycling torches calories. Cycling workouts are proven to burn up to as many as 620 calories in 45 minutes. Not only that, if you push your limits during the class, you’ll be burning calories for hours after you leave the studio.

So don’t let weather be an excuse for not getting on your bike. A great workout awaits – rain or shine – inside the cycle studio. Beware: other side-effects may include reduced stress, improved coordination, increased stamina, endurance and general happiness.

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