Angel Santiago’s tips for healthy living

Those keen on a fun, fit and healthy lifestyle should take heed of Angel Santiago’s approach. Angel is a fitness professional who’s carved out a career traveling the world and inspiring others with his love of group fitness. Read on to learn Angel’s tricks for getting through the day in a healthy way.

Angel Santiago on …

Getting the day started

I typically start the day at 7am. Early mornings are not really my thing, especially before the sun rises. I find the sun invigorating, it always seems to fuel me. Whenever I have to train before the sun's up I look at the tattoo on my forearm that reads “mente cuerpo corazon” (mind body heart) and it reminds me to use everything I have to get focused.

Locking in the day’s exercise

There’s no specific time of the day that I dedicate to exercise. I like morning runs because I am not really a fan of running and it allows me to get it out of the way. I prefer mid-morning for conditioning, as I feel my most alert at this time, and I love teaching classes at night because the energy is electric. I’m pretty sure it’s a decompression of the day for most participants.

Eating right

My first meal of the day is either a protein shake or egg whites with turkey bacon. Mmm, bacon. When it comes to snacks I like fruit, especially pineapple. I usually find myself with a sugar craving at around midday, so I get some good ol’ fruit in my body. At the moment my favorite meal is a cut up sweet potato, broccoli and some meat to go with it. The natural flavor makes it easy to cook without too many condiments and it’s a fast meal to whip up.

Making certain that things don’t slide

I think the secret to creating a workout schedule that you’ll stick to is to ensure that it’s challenging, fun and focused. I rarely work out alone as I like the challenge and push that I get from others.

Getting rested

I’m definitely a night owl. Nights are usually my family time and story time for my seven year old little princess. It’s these moments that keep me grounded and remind how much more there is to my life.

To make sure I wake up fresh, each night I get my gear and food all set up for easy preparation in the morning. I’m a bit of a thinker so unfinished thoughts, projects, or distractions can keep me from getting a good night’s rest. I try my best to make sure I feel content with what I’ve achieved during the day, as this allows me to get the rest I need to take on the next day.

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