The BODYATTACK track you’ll love to hate

When BODYATTACK meets the powerful sounds of Joel Fletcher and Reece Low what do you get? The answer is six minutes and ten seconds of plyometric sports training that will take your energy and heart rate through the roof.

BODYATTACK™ 88, delivers everything that BODYATTACK fans know and love – high energy, good fun, and amazing fitness challenges. And the plyometric sports training of track 4 is no exception.

Set to the intense electro beat of Back 2 Front (Original Mix) by Joel Fletcher and Reece Low, this plyometric training-based track delivers three blocks of pure adrenaline. Focusing on the biggest muscle group – the legs – you’ll power through a series of Burpees and Wide Tuck Jumps, and there are lots of Squats, 3-Step Runs, and Ice Skater moves thrown into the mix too.

Program Director, Lisa Osborne says this track is an important peak of the workout, so it’s essential that this peak is reflected in the music. As soon as she heard the Joel Fletcher and Reece Low track she loved it. “The solid base beat is strong and powerful yet at the same time has real contrasts. I love how it builds into big instrumentals.”

There is a shift in the music every 4x8 counts and the choreography and intensity of the workout go hand-in-hand with the changing tempos. “The builds in the music are perfectly matched with the bigger moves, they create excitement and motivate you to lift your game and maximize your effort,” says Lisa.

Lisa says there is no doubt that this is a tough track, however the powerful music helps release endorphins and drive you to push yourself harder. “The secret to getting the most from this track is to focus on the contrast in the music and make the most of the highs and lows. Use the build and highs of the music to progress the intensity; then pull everything right back when the music drops to create great contrast.”

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