Mixing balance with a hit ballad

In the recently released BODYBALANCE™ 67 Jackie and Diana combine beautiful balance choreography with a chart topping hit from Sam Smith – we know you’ll love it.

BODYBALANCE™ 67 is a simple, slow and quiet workout that enables you to focus on giving your body the practice it needs. There’s no doubt that track four is a highlight.

Track four, the balance track, provides a moment of stillness and concentration and the carefully- selected music is designed to foster focus. With this in mind BODYBALANCE™ program directors, Jackie Mills and Diana Archer-Mills, looked to the beautiful music of Sam Smith. They knew that the gospel-tinged, pop ballad, Stay With Me, would be ideal, saying it is “beautiful, poignant and still – yet it evokes emotion”.

“The music plays a huge role in helping you get the most from the program,” says Jackie. “It helps people into their right side of the brain, allowing immersion into the movement and self-expression.”

In this track Jackie and Diana’s intention is one of acceptance – allowing you to both acknowledge where your body is today, and take on the challenging poses (which include the Mountain Pose, a Knee Life Balance Sequence, a Warrior 3 Balance Sequence and a Chest Stretch).

As you put your balance to the test, the instructor will coach you to get the most out of the poses. All you need to do is keep your eyes still, your breath calm and your mind focused. Relax where you can and prepare to hold still. The idea is to let go of the effort and just enjoy the poses; an approach that stems for a sense of light-heartedness to self.

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