Got the right kicks for your kicks?

All over the world BODYCOMBAT lovers who want to get the most from their MMA training are falling for Reebok’s purpose-designed BODYCOMBAT shoe.

“It’s a seriously badass shoe for a badass workout. No bull, these are the most comfortable BODYCOMBAT shoes I’ve worn.” BODYCOMBAT™ Program Director, Rachael Newsham spent two years assisting the development of the first ever combined MMA shoes, and she loves the result.

She’s not the only one.

“As a BODYCOMBAT instructor who teaches 5-6 times a week, I couldn't wait to get these. I was not disappointed. They are very lightweight, the pivot point on the sole really helps with turning for kicks, and the soles are great on wooden studio floors. Plus they look great.” Instructor from Hereford, United Kingdom

“At last, shoes that are equipped for BODYCOMBAT, I’m soooo happy! These shoes not only look great, they feel great too. Lightweight, flexible and supportive in all the right places. Already have many envious admirers.” BODYCOMBAT fan from East Sussex, United Kingdom

“I was totally surprised by how supportive this very comfy shoe is because it is so light. I feel like I'm kicking in bare feet, but my jumps are supported and safe. The "pivot point" under the ball of the foot for heel release is so cool and they look great too. Worth every penny!” BODYCOMBAT fan from Georgia, United States

“These shoes are great!!! They hug my feet perfectly, has traction when you need it, yet has the flexibility to pivot. The support is great especially when you do jumps. I totally recommend these shoes for BODYCOMBAT I didn't even have to break them in. They were ready to go.” Instructor from Southern California, United States.

“I highly recommend this shoe. My favorite feature is the wider toe base. It allows me to fully push through the balls of my feet on kicks. The shoes have great support and stability and they are very lightweight. They are high-quality and they also look amazing” BODYCOMBAT fan from Virgina, United States.

With this kind of feedback, it’s clear that all the hard work that went into the development of the Reebok TouchLite BODYCOMBAT shoes has paid off. Find out more about these shoes here.

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