How to get sizzling legs

After a fun, yet super challenging leg workout? BODYPUMP 93 is where it’s at.

It’s not often we describe lunges as ‘fun’, but then again, it’s not often that this BODYPUMP staple is paired with music as vibrant and catchy as it is with the latest release.

Set to the quirky, electro swing beat of 1941 by Klapex feat. Virian, the lunge track of BODYPUMP 93 is so much fun that the hard work will sneak up on you – you might not notice how hard you’re working, but man will it burn tomorrow!

The track kicks off by revisiting basic squat technique; designed to reawaken the legs. Then it’s straight into lunges – loads of them, no break, and lots of bottom halves. This is continuous tension training at its best. The combination of changing tempos, varied range and isometric loading with limited rest creates an oxygen debt that will fuel change, fast.

BODYPUMP Program Director, Glen Ostergaard, says the continuous time under tension makes it a challenge, but the fun feel of the music will help take your mind off it. “I chose this Klapex track because it’s fun, quirky and unexpected. With cool electronic sounds, great vocals and a unique feel, you can get lost in the music and it transports you to another place.”

No matter how much you’re enjoying humming along to the catchy swing beat, the high-rep, no-recovery, nature of the track means that fatigue will set in fast. With this in mind, go for a weight that’s lighter than normal (or simply use your bodyweight) and make sure you maintain good technique without sacrificing range.

“Whatever you do, go low to activate the glutes and listen to your instructor – they’ll help you perfect your lunge technique,” says Glen, who adds this is one of his favorite tracks to teach. “In just five and a half minutes your legs will be sizzling, and that’s a great thing – because the sizzle creates shape.”

Keen to find out more about BODYPUMP 93? Check out the track list.

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