Your latest BODYPUMP workout has an electrifying soundtrack that creates some magical moments to ease the pain.

At 24 minutes the haunting vocals of Beautiful World kick in to lift you at a critical point in the workout.

BODYPUMP™ Program Director Glen Ostergaard says this ‘back track’ is a highlight. With dynamic moves like the Deadlift, Power Press and Squat Press, it’s one of the workout’s biggest calorie-burning tracks. At just five minutes long it’s intense and challenging. Thankfully the powerful and motivating sounds of Dutch duo Blasterjaxx and DBSTF (feat. Ryder) will get you through. The music’s contrasting highs and lows complement the highs in the Clean and Presses and the lows during Deadlifts.

“I love the feel of this music,” says Glen “The vocals are smooth and haunting and the instrumentals big and uplifting. The low chorus midway through is particularly magical.”

Glen says this track combines continuous tension training with bursts of high-intensity intervals to perfection. “It works all the muscles of the posterior chain and you get the benefits of combination training. You build strength and power by lifting the barbell and then towards the end use free weight plates for metabolic conditioning – creating a final kick to the heart rate at the end of the working phases.”

This track will take your heart rate through the roof, smash your limits and leave you feeling pumping and invigorated.

Forget the magic wand or potion, if you want fitness magic BODYPUMP 95 is where it’s at.

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