Getting more people in knockout shape

The latest BODYCOMBAT releases prove that punching and kicking air is something that everyone can, and should, do.

We’re on a mission to get more people to experience how empowering and effective a BODYCOMBAT™ workout can be. Not only that, we want to make sure anyone who is new to BODYCOMBAT falls for it – and keeps coming back.

In recent releases the focus has been on creating choreography that’s accessible to everyone. The simplified sequences make the workout easier to follow and enable you to hit the intense training zones more quickly. To support everyone we’ve introduced greater visibility of modifications, which makes it easier to tailor the workout to different needs. As a result everyone feels successful. Beginners can leave the workout with a real sense of achievement and regulars will enjoy quickly hitting the intense training zones and pushing their training through the roof.

BODYCOMBAT program directors, Dan Cohen and Rachael Newsham are confident that recent BODYCOMBAT releases feature a great mix of variety, contrast and flow between tracks – and are some of the best releases yet.

“The choreography allows for a greater focus on basic techniques and that means instructors can teach more technical skill,” says Dan. “Once people understand how to perform the move, then it’s time to enhance the workout by adding speed and increasing range. There is huge scope to up the intensity and drive amazing results.”

Rach agrees that simple choreography makes it easier for instructors to effectively coach the best from their class. She adds that when you combine solid coaching, with the benefits of mixed martial arts training, it will transform BODYCOMBAT beginners into loyal fans.

“Research tells us that the people in our classes want to move well, and improve their technique over time. By providing a clear setup and explaining exactly how to perform each move instructors can help eliminate any inhibitions that beginners may have. We know that once those beginners learn the moves and experience the buzz they get from BODYCOMBAT they’ll be hooked!”

Instructors can learn more in the upcoming BODYCOMBAT 66 Ed Session.

If you’re not a BODYCOMBAT instructor, but you’d like to find out more about training to teach the world’s most popular martial arts workout click here.