Cycling as a pure cardio workout

If your strength training needs a cardio injection then indoor cycling may be the answer.

You know that your workout needs a good hit of cardio to complement all your strength training. The trick is finding something that delivers what you need and keeps you engaged. Cardio doesn’t have to mean a long solo slog on the treadmill. If you want something that will challenge you and get your heart racing then indoor cycling is a great option.

Workouts like RPM can deliver an impressive cardio workout in a short space of time. A fast paced group cycling class is an excellent option to add variety to your routine. It’s easy to get started, just turn up, take a seat and get your legs pumping.

Still not convinced that indoor cycling will deliver what you need? Consider this:

- In just 45 minutes you can burn up to 620 calories

- Lycra and cycling shoes are not required. Your normal gym gear and running shoes are all you need to get started

- Cycling workouts are set to motivating music. You can enjoy the buzz and extra energy it delivers. You feel like you’ve had a high energy workout, without the need to worry about your dance moves and what your arms and legs are doing

- It’s a personal challenge, you control the resistance on your bike and can steadily increase the intensity with each class you take

- You ride as ‘a pack’ and even though you set your own pace it always feels like you are part of a team

- The group atmosphere is highly motivating, pushing you harder than a solo effort

- Cycling workouts mix up hill climbs, time trials, flat riding and interval training – this variety is great for your cardio fitness

- The variety of riding styles also keeps you mentally engaged, there’s no chance of switching off when the pace keeps changing

- You can build up your endurance and improve your cardio fitness

- The bike is supplied and can be adjusted to suit you, there’s no need to spend a fortune on technical equipment

- Simply turn up, get comfortable on your bike and sweat it out. One piece of equipment, no complicated routines – just a rapid fire workout that gets you results fast.

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