Dallas Blacklaw talks about good legs and good friends

For those who want more than just a cycling workout, RPMers are not only a fit bunch of folks, but also super friendly. Meet Dallas Blacklaw, the RPM outlaw.

Dallas Blacklaw thrives on that post-RPM euphoria. He knows he’s done his job as an instructor when everyone leaves the class feeling successful, no matter what fitness level they’re at. As a personal trainer and RPM presenter he’s full of a fiery energy that would make you think he’s still in his early-twenties. We recently caught up with Dallas and he shared some handy tips for RPM beginners, and a few for the old guard as well.

What do you tell RPM first-timers?

I explain the SMART START program and make sure they’ve got the right bike set up – that’s paramount. I also encourage them to try at least 3 classes before deciding if they like it or not, and then of course to enjoy themselves!

What are some unexpected benefits of RPM?

Get good legs! Kidding, that’s to be expected. I’d say the camaraderie within the room – there’s a real social atmosphere. There’s quite a good RPM culture that leads to the coffee shop outside.

What would you say to people that think RPM is just for MAMILS (middle-aged men in lycra)?

{laughs} Being a middle-aged man myself! The music’s really current, but we also thread some older stuff in there so there’s something for everyone. It’s great for the ladies looking to shape their legs. One of the benefits of RPM is that if you do it enough, you’ll be confident and ready to get outside on the bike if you’re interested.

What are three things people can do to take their cycling workout to the next level?

  1. Be intimate with the resistance dial – actually challenge yourself (at your own level)
  2. Have a focus for each class – something that you want to achieve. Even if you don’t tell anyone what it is
  3. Do it for the pure enjoyment of it. Use the workout as a tool to escape whatever might be bothering you, get yourself into a positive headspace. Only you know how you felt last time. Look to enhance that by a couple of percentage points each time.

What programs do you recommend people do in addition to RPM?

Cycling, if you do enough of it, tends to shorten your muscles. Hip muscles, hamstrings and glutes can all get pretty tight. A good stretching routine is essential, so BODYBALANCE is a great one. You don’t get a lot of core strength from riding a bike, so CXWORX really complements RPM.

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