Can shoes really make you feel better?

Do you need special shoes to dance? No. Will you look and feel better if you’re dancing with special shoes? Definitely!

We all know that what we wear affects how we feel. Wearing workout gear that you love increases your confidence and overall performance and helps you take your exercise to the next level. It can increase your motivation too – because when you have workout gear you love you’re always looking for excuses to wear it!

Gandalf Archer Mills, BODYJAM Program Director, has fallen for Reebok’s dance shoes in a big way.

When Reebok and Les Mills set out designing the ultimate dance shoe the goal was to capture the fun and passion of dance while fusing together function and style. Gandalf thinks the team has nailed it. He loves the Reebok UR Tempo Mid dance shoe. “It’s super light and super comfortable. If you want to do fancy things with your feet it just makes it easier.”

Designed specifically for the high-energy BODYJAM™ and SH’BAM™ dance classes, the retro-styled shoe features forefoot grip for traction and control and a pivot point turn zone to aid smooth turns and spins. Gandalf adds that it’s great for dancing on carpet and wooden floors. The 3D Ultralite midsole foam provides shock absorption and lightweight cushioning and the unique flex grove pattern on the outsole is designed to help you properly transition from one move to the next. There’s traditional lacing for adjustability and wide laces for comfort and style.

Don a pair of these beauties and you won’t be able help kicking, stepping and swaying in heart-pumping style.

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