De bunking Group Exercise myths

Gone are the days of lycra and legwarmers. Today, millions and millions of people world-wide build their fitness in the group training studio. So why is it only 27% of the total adult population hit up gyms/health clubs regularly?

With the world tweeting and instagramming #fitspo, #workout, #trainhard, you’d have thought that everyone was a keen bean exerciser. Apparently not! Only 27% of the total adult population hit up gyms/ health clubs regularly. Of this 27% did you know that when asked the main reason they attend their current gym fitness to music classes is number two; behind location. But why is there then this almost snobbery around group fitness classes? Gone are the days of lycra and legwarmers. Today, millions and millions of people world-wide build their fitness in the group training studio.

It’s about time we debunked the myths and misconceptions surrounding group exercise classes.

  1. ‘Group Exercise is for women’

‘Weights are for men and cardio machines and exercise classes are for women’. Wrong! There are many varieties of exercise class styles to suit both sexes, including boxing, boot camps, indoor cycling, circuits; the list goes on and there aren’t any rule about who and who shouldn’t attend what classes. Some of the best dance instructors are male and some of the strongest and toughest strength coaches are female. It’s a known fact (to those in the know) that weight training will help men and women achieve their health and fitness goals.

  1. ‘Group exercise is people in matching leg warmers and headbands, dancing to 80s music’

If you’ve been waiting for an excuse to re-discover your inner 80s child, sport a brightly coloured leotard and don matching leg warmers then you’ll unfortunately stand out like a sore thumb in any group exercise class; it’s moved on. Don’t fret though! It’s now a place to show off the coolest in fitness fashion trends, whilst working out to the latest hit music.

  1. ‘Group Exercise is only low intensity aerobics; my gran wouldn’t even work up a sweat’

If you rock up to any class expecting a slow, easy workout, you could be in for a shock. Most group exercise classes are supported by research and are designed and developed to achieve maximum results. Health clubs and gyms now offer a variety of classes that suit everyone from rookies to even the most hard core athlete. High intensity interval classes such as GRIT™ are great examples of this and have been scientifically designed to push you to your limits and get you fitter, faster! We’d encourage anyone to attend a Les Mills GRIT class and see if they still think group exercise is easy.

  1. ‘Group exercise is not a proper workout, I’ll get a better session in the gym on my own’

The power of working out in a group is immense. The motivation your instructor provides, the ambition to keep up with everyone and the infectious energy from the group, means you work harder than you could push yourself on your own. More energy expenditure = More benefits!

  1. ‘I don’t want to be ordered around by an drill sergeant, shouting at me if I do something wrong’

Instructors don’t bite! They are there to help you work as hard as possible and enjoy yourself doing so. They are there to coach, motivate, inspire and support you. As long as you keep moving and you’re having a good time, that’s all that matters.

  1. ‘Group exercise is just an excuse to socialise’

We all love a good natter and an exercise class is the perfect place to meet happy, bouncy, like-minded people. Whilst the atmosphere before and after is great fun, once the music starts, everyone gets their game face on, ready for a hard-core workout. It’s the best of both worlds.

Les Mills has been leading in the group exercise market for decades now and is on a mission to create a fitter planet. Thousands of people are enjoying a Les Mills workout somewhere in the world right this second. Yep, every minute of every day - from Africa to Australia - our global tribe of instructors is busy motivating people through the power of group fitness.

We’ve been doing this since 1968. Mixing great music with cutting edge science to guarantee results. The next level is always our goal, so get moving and join us.

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