Lock down your locks for exercise

Whether you want to prolong your plank or maximize your mountain climbers it takes focus – and you can’t focus if your wayward locks are getting in your face. Check out these helpful hair insights and discover what ‘do will work best when you work out.

In order to push yourself beyond your comfort zone you need to be comfortable to start with. That means securing your hair in a style that’s fit for fitness.

Jules Armishaw is an award-winning hair and makeup stylist with a flair for fitness fashion. For the last 13 years she’s been the lady behind the locks of some of Les Mills’ most high profile presenters. When it comes to fitness hair dos, she knows what works. Check out her advice.

Braids are best

Whatever your hair length, braids are a really good way to keep hair off the face. From simple three-strand plaits to French braids or braided headbands, the options are endless. If plaiting is not your forte don’t be put off, a little practice makes perfect – or make use of a friend’s braiding talents and get them to help with some pre-workout styling.

Twists are top too

Twists are also a great way to keep hair off your face. They are ideal for tightly securing layers and are particularly good if you have a short bob or fringe.

Pony position is key

Nothing is worse than lying on your back for a chest or core track and suffering from ponytail discomfort. High ponytails are the way to go. Not only does a high pony make lying on your back more comfortable, it means hair is less likely to sit on your shoulders and back so it will absorb less sweat.

Lose the layers

Consider your exercise routine when you plan your next haircut. Steering clear of layers and fringes will make life easier. The super-popular Lob (or long-bob) is a good option – it’s stylish but still highly functional as it is typically long enough to pull into a pony.

Get some head gear

When you can’t be bothered wrangling your hair simply reach for a headband – a thin plastic one is ideal as it won’t get sweaty, wet and smelly. Alternatively a cap is great for keeping hair (and sweat) out of your face – and Reebok have some super stylish options.

Want to walk away from your workout with luscious locks?

Make starch products and dry shampoo your best friend. Using a dry shampoo after a workout means you can skip washing your hair yet keep your mane matt, oil free and smelling peachy.

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