Proof you can be a Fit Hero at any age

Evelyn Catlin is a fit 92 year old who inspired her daughter, Debby Copeletti, to love life, be herself, achieve, never settle, drive through everything and never, never give up or give in.

Check out what Debby Copeletti has to say about why her mom is the ultimate fitness inspiration.

“Mom has always quietly encouraged my siblings and I to get outside and have fun – when we were children we did fitness in fun ways (tag, kickball, hide and seek).

From when I was as young as five, I saw my mom exercising. This was in the 60's so what was available was Jack Lalane on TV. She followed him and made a tube from what was available at the hardware store and electrical tape (like the tubes used in the old BODYVIVE™ class). She went on to swimming at the "Y", walking (with a dog in tow) and doing Richard Simmons tapes.

Now, at 92, mom still does her Richard Simmons tapes at home and she is embracing Silver Sneakers. Going to Silver Sneakers for an hour at the gym was a big step for her, as her tapes are only 1/2 hour! She enjoys walking her dog twice a day too.

My mom never gives up or gives in. She puts everyone first – her family, friends and all that touch her. She even delivered "Meals on Wheels" (and she was in her 80s). She has always been a great role model in the way she lives life. She taught me to love life, be myself, achieve, never settle, drive through everything, never, never give up or give in.”

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