A fun lovin’ fitness hero

Mixing exercise and laughter makes Les Mills instructor, James Duff a hit with his SH’BAM™ regulars.

Read what Eilidh Smith has to say about her fitness hero, SH’BAM™ instructor, James Duff.

“I go to James’ SH’BAM™ classes at Castlemilk Pool in Glasgow and they are my favorite every week; getting exercise and laughing at the same time is brilliant.

James creates great theme nights and he always has a good turnout at his classes. He includes everyone, making sure he speaks to everyone when they come in. I have no idea how he remembers all the names.

James really is a fitness hero. I have another 11lbs to get to target and I will definitely be SH’BAMMING my way there with James in 2015. We’re hoping that he’ll pick up a Friday night class too – I can’t wait, I can just imagine the atmosphere the class will have at the end of the working week!”

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