Maura Lafferty had never been able to stick to a regular exercise routine until she met Emily Oswald. It didn’t take long for Emily, a Les Mills instructor with an infectious passion for group exercise, to get Maura hooked – and now she says her love for exercise grows stronger each day.

Read what Maura Lafferty has to say about why Emily Oswald is an amazing fitness inspiration.

“I first discovered Les Mills and met Emily when I started taking BODYATTACK™ classes two years ago. I was hooked immediately and motivated to try more group fitness classes. Luckily for me my local Gold’s Gym offers a number of LES MILLS™ programs, and Emily is certified to teach them all.

Emily starts every class with an encouraging message of having love for yourself and where you are in your fitness journey on that specific day and in that moment. She lets us know that it may look different from where we were yesterday or where we will be tomorrow and that is ok as long as we are challenging ourselves while listening to our bodies. She always has us focus on what we can do and has us check the “I can’t attitude” at the door. As a result I leave feeling alive, empowered and I can't wait to come back!

I have never come across anyone with as much zeal or enthusiasm as Emily. She is positive, sincere, thoughtful, helpful, humble and grateful for everything life throws her way. She loves sharing her passion for group fitness with everyone around her and you can’t help but fall in love with it as well. Anyone can stand up at the front of the room and teach you the moves, but it takes a special person to be able to put life and spirit into each and every movement and to make you excited about working out. Her classes help me to be a better person, not only physically, but mentally and spiritually as well.

Thank you for all that you do, Emily! I love you and I love Les Mills!”

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