Introducing a team of Fit Heroes

Les Mills instructor Sharon Senner isn’t inspired by one fitness professional – there’s a whole team of individuals that she calls her fit heroes.

Read why Sharon Senner calls her team of fellow instructors at Evergreen Fitness in Port Townsend, Washington her fitness heroes.

“As a gym member I used to love how the instructors teamed up and put a lot of effort and passion into the launch of new releases. When I became part of the instructor team I realized that it really is a team like no other.

My initial CXWORX™ training, which took place in 2012 at the gym, was like nothing I’d ever seen. We trained all day, slept over at the gym, practiced all night – all eight of us helping each other so we could all pass.

When we launch new releases we make a real event out of it. A month before we start training together. We have a sleep over at the gym and this helps us help each other, correct form, master cues and get our magic going. On launch day we are full on Fitness Magic, dressed up and lining up at the door high-fiving members as they come in. I know members love the launches, not just for the new music and moves, but because of the fitness magic, power and fun that the team creates.

The team of instructors at Evergreen are all my fit heroes because, with all our practices, launches, and sleep overs, they help make me a better instructor. When members complement me on my teaching skills, I know it's because I’m part of Team Evergreen and together we inspire fitness magic and pure joy.”

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