Fostering mental and physical strength equals a true Fit Hero

With a yoga teacher and bodybuilder as parents, Andréa Morrison-Schindler grew up around health and fitness. She knows regular exercise helps her mentally, improves sleep, eases stress and keeps her happy, and she wants to inspire others to enjoy the benefits. In Catherine Benedict’s experience she does this perfectly.

Catherine Benedict attends Andréa’s BODYCOMBAT™ classes regularly and says Andréa is her fit hero, read on to find out why.

“As I’ve moved around the world I've had many BODYCOMBAT™ instructors and, without exception, they have been exceptional, but Andréa stands out from most. She does more than just physically embody the warrior we all want to be, during her motivational talk she motivates us by first listening to and then reflecting our reasons for training. Andréa often speaks of how exercise releases endorphins (calling them nature's natural painkillers or ‘happy pills’). She reminds us that we are more powerful than we think: that a lot of strength comes from our minds, not our muscles. She's convinced me that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. By motivating me to eat well, do just one more pushup from my toes, or keep going during track 8 when all I want to do is grab my knees and rest, Andrea has helped me build a physically and mentally better version of myself.

I know that training results come in all kinds of forms, some of which, such as mental health and self-esteem, we forget to acknowledge even though they are just as fundamental to keeping us going in all aspects of life. As someone who has had mental health issues in the past, it’s the mental benefits of exercise that I am most grateful for. Of course I have noticed and appreciated the physical changes in my body and overall fitness as well.

I often get goose-bumps during the BODYCOMBAT™ cool-down as I reflect on the class that Andréa has just led us through – and I always leave feeling more powerful and less limited than I thought I was when I came in. Andréa has taught me that with each new song in a release, each new chapter in a lifetime, there is a chance to come back stronger. All we need to do to achieve personal victory is to ‘Stay with the Fight’.”

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