Celebrating a Middle Eastern mentor to many

Amir H Behforooz a Middle Eastern fitness hero with loads of fans.

When we put the call out for people to nominate their fitness heroes, there was one individual who couldn’t be ignored. In the last decade Amir H Behforooz has fallen in love with fitness, lost a stack-load of weight, trained as a Les Mills instructor and created a career out of fitness. Not only has Amir transformed his life, he’s made a huge impact on the lives of others too. Here’s what some of them had to say.

“Passionate, motivated, inspiring and dedicated are just a few words that spring to mind when I think of Amir. His never-ending supply of energy and strength never ceases to amaze me. Amir does every class like it’s his last, day in day out, ensuring to get the best out of each and every person. I leave his classes happier and I know the same can said for many others at our club, this is for me the true essence of a role model in the fitness industry.” Maria Curtin

“I've never seen someone so dedicated. Without Amir I would've given up on my journey long ago. He really is a hero, he never lets me down and because of his love and passion for Les Mills classes I have it too! I'm sure all the members of his classes would agree with me as well, Amir truly is one of the best, he's a star!” Sarah Hassan

“I have been a big fan of Les Mills for about 15-16 years and I met Amir when I went to his classes while we were on holiday in Dubai. He is a brilliant instructor. Having the option to do Les Mills workouts on holiday is a big bonus but to have them taught by, in my opinion, THE BEST instructor I have ever met is the icing on the cake. Amir is down to earth, kind, funny and a really lovely person. He works very hard and you can tell he cares that his members enjoy his workouts. He is my fit hero. Truly amazing and inspiring. A person with a kind heart.” Paula Sumption

“Amir was one of the first few instructors whom I did BODYPUMP with when I started taking the classes three and a half years ago. I remember on so many occasions after class, he spent time with me and other members to show the correct technique, and explain the benefits of maintaining good technique. Apart from that, I love how Amir encourages people to push themselves beyond what they think they can. Amir encouraged me to take up the Les Mills instructor training module. His encouragement and support gave me that little push that I needed, and I will never forget that. He is my fit hero!” Sina Hashemi Ansari

“Amir inspired me to be a Les Mills instructor and he has been supporting me, and all the new passionate instructors. Thank you my brother and mentor.” Mahmoud Mo Salamony

“Amir motivates by his own story and shows newcomers that their goals are achievable. I love his approachable bubbly personality. He is a real mentor and that's his talent.” Danka Daniela Pleskova

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