Instructor champions fitness by setting up her own club

Kim Kelley is a super passionate instructor who, when she found out her local gym (and employer) was shutting down took drastic action – she opened a facility of her own!

According to Chelsea Manak, Kim Kelley is pure fitness magic. Kim introduced Chelsea to BODYPUMP™, helping her fall in love with the program and then motivating her to become an instructor. Here’s what she says about why she’s her fitness hero.

“I've never been an "athletic person", in school I was chubby, a nerdy girl who played zero sports and it wasn't until college that I got into the gym and dropped some baby fat. When I joined the local gym I fell in love in BODYPUMP™, which was taught by Kim. She was the instructor everyone loved, she was motivational and she pushed people (in the best way).

Sadly, towards the end of 2013 we got news that our gym was closing. This was when Kim took it upon herself to continue to give our community the gift of fitness by opening up her own - Phoenix Group Fitness

Kim asked me to join her on her journey, encouraging me to become a BODYPUMP™ instructor. Thanks to her, I attended my first Les Mills Training for BODYPUMP™ on January 25th of 2014. This was one of the biggest fitness steps I'd ever taken. To make it even more of a challenge, I had also decided to certify in Les Mills BODYCOMBAT™ on February 1st 2014. Kim's belief, her dedication to coaching, and motivation is what opened me up to the Les Mills family. Not to say it was an easy journey: it took time, sweat, and plenty of tears but Kim was there to help me through it. Now we launch these LES MILLS™ programs at our amazing facility side-by-side! On May 3rd of 2014 I attended CXWORX™ training to put my 3rd certification under my belt. I have also attended LES MILLS GRIT™ sessions along with my regular training/teaching and I can see how much these programs have changed my life.

Looking back to last year, I can't imagine where I would be without Kim – if I'd be teaching, if I'd even be working out, if I'd be up three pant sizes. Who knows? I'm beyond grateful that this wonderful lady has gotten me so far in just 12 months.

Kim is one of the greatest examples of how passion and drive help you accomplish even the biggest dreams."

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