Spreading fitness inspiration from the studio floor up

Jane Mallard is consistently surrounded by fit people, but none of them stand out from the crowd like Debra Gilbert. Debra is not your typical super fit athlete. She’s an everyday person, giving it her all and proving that when it comes to getting fit anyone can do it.

Read what Jane, a Les Mills instructor, has to say about her fit hero, class regular Debra Gilbert.

“Debra is a 56-year old inspiration to everyone. She hasn’t always been into fitness, but after suffering from a stroke four years ago, she realized maintaining fitness and good weight was important.

When Debra comes to my BODYCOMBAT™ classes she’s up the front pushing hard – and at any opportunity she’ll jump up onto the stage to smash out a track with me. She enjoys BODYATTACK™ and BODYPUMP™ too.

I find her energy and drive feeds me as an instructor. And she doesn’t just inspire me, she inspires everyone, as she proves that group fitness is for all ages and fitness levels.

Debra’s says, “If you are going to do anything you should give 110% of effort and you are never too old to do anything”. I know that this is what keeps this fit and inspiring grandma going.”

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