US Navy Officer spreads fitness inspiration from Bahrain

LTJG Rebecca Goff is an officer in the US Navy who, before taking up a posting in Bahrain, taught regular BODYPUMP™ classes at her local YMCA. It’s here that Alda Ollactillium first experienced Rebecca’s enthusiasm for fitness and now, despite thousands of miles between them, Rebecca still provides regular inspiration.

Find out what Alda Ollacillium says about her fit hero, Rebecca Goff.

“When I started at the YMCA in 2009 I was very overweight, I had several health problems, and I had a very poor opinion of myself. I started attending BODYPUMP™ shortly after Rebecca started teaching the class. She scared the heck out of me at first, but after about a month of attending the classes, I could not wait to go again. Rebecca was so understanding and encouraging. Just when I thought I wanted to give up, she would push me, "Just do one more. You have it in you. I know you do!" She would show up wearing crazy outfits for launches or holidays; she would sing (she sang me "Happy Birthday" when I showed up to work out on my birthday); she would push us to challenge her on BODYPUMP™ tracks. We would often joke that Rebecca did not have an "off switch", she would just "power down".

I have lost 40 pounds and gone from 34% body fat to 22% body fat and a big part of it is because of Rebecca's encouragement and sheer joy of fitness! She made me want to return to the classes. I would be sad if I had to miss them.

Rebecca is so giving of herself. She is a loving wife, a doting mother, a fantastic fitness instructor and now an officer serving overseas in the United States Navy Reserve. She keeps close ties with all those that want to be in touch with her. Whether it’s connecting with friends and family via Skype or dropping a quick note to someone that needs her encouragement, she finds the time to do it.

Now that she has been deployed, Rebecca continues to share her smile and her stories with her Y family. I look forward to getting her little messages and encouraging words. I really don't know that she realizes how many lives she's touched. Everybody that meets her is drawn to her. It sounds cliche, but to know is to love her.

One of her motivational mantras was “I believe in you, now you need to believe in you”. This has always stuck with me.”

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