Plyometric training is no one-trick pony.

  1. Plyometrics gives you plenty of bang for your energy buck.

Plyo burns a lot of energy. The way you spring load your muscles during plyometric exercises forces your body to contract as many muscles as possible. These multi-muscle contractions are where you really fire up and burn through calories.

  1. It tones. Fast.

To fast track muscle tone you need maximum force and maximum speed. This is exactly what you get when doing plyometric exercises.

  1. You don’t need any special equipment.

While you can heighten (literally and figuratively) your plyo workouts with a step, it’s not essential for a great plyometric workout. Your body weight alone can give you excellent results.

  1. You can do it no matter how fit or strong you are.

Like a lot of high intensity workouts, you can tailor plyometric exercises to fit your own abilities. You don’t have heavy weights to lift or miles of road to run, you just do what you can as hard as you can.

So take a leap of faith and jump into plyo.

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