Workout advice, how to avoid getting ‘hangry’, and more

What workouts should you be doing, what’s the best workout clothing, and how do you avoid getting ‘hangry’… Les Mills Trainer and Presenter Jericho McDuffie shares her thoughts below.

Jericho McDuffie says that she took just one BODYPUMP™ class and was instantly addicted to the energy. She knew it was going to change her life – and it did. The personal trainer fell in love with LES MILLS™ classes and is now one of the key members of Les Mills United States Trainer/Presenter team. Jericho has spent the past eight years traveling the globe educating and upskilling thousands of LES MILLS™ instructors and presenting at some of the world’s biggest fitness events. We recently caught up with her and she shared what she loves about her favorite LES MILLS™ programs, and how she makes sure they really work for her.

What are some of your favorite LES MILLS™ classes?

BODYCOMBAT™ is a high-energy mixed martial arts inspired cardio workout that incorporates boxing, muay thai, karate, capoeira and tae kwon do. I love the fact that it targets every muscle group and will condition and work your entire body. You destroy calories as you learn to punch and kick. You develop coordination, release stress and feel empowered.

BODYJAM™ is the ultimate combination of music and dance. We start with a dance studio style warm up with isolations and then before you know it you’re lost in the music and busting out a whole routine like a pro! SH’BAM™ is a simple and fun dance class that goes track-by-track, so you don’t have to worry about complicated choreography. One minute you’re doing a mambo to a hot Latin song and the next you’re leaping across the room to a Broadway tune. The best thing about both of these dance workouts is that you burn a ton of calories – and you don’t stop smiling.

What other type of training do you do?

Flexibility training is so important to prevent injury but also to maintain and improve performance. I love holding long, static dancer’s stretches after a tough workout, especially when I’m still warm. I have a love/hate relationship with foam rolling, but I always feel like a million bucks when I’m finished! When I’m traveling, I always carry a mini roller with me so I have no excuses.

How does what you wear affect the workout?

If you’re doing a BODYJAM™ or SH’BAM™ workout I definitely recommend a dance-fitness shoe like the Reebok Dance urTempo mid. They’re super stylish but are also very supportive, light weight and flexible so you can pivot, turn, and jump with ease and confidence. Clothing should be comfortable to move in and make you feel good. I love to wear super baggy drop-crotch sweatpants with a tank top or t-shirt with an awesome sports bra for support. In BODYCOMBAT™, a supportive sports bra is also important, as well as a moisture wicking fabric since you sweat so much. I always wear 3/4 length compression tights underneath MMA shorts and a tank top. Shoes should be light weight and flexible but supportive with light tread on the bottom for mobility and transitions. The Reebok ZQuick is my favorite.

How do you stay motivated?

One of my favorite tips is to tap into the emotional benefits of training for motivation. For example, ask yourself how you feel about yourself after you finish a workout. Nine times out of ten, I feel nothing but positive effects (accomplished, strong, fit, healthy, happy, etc.). Too often, people become discouraged because they don’t see the physical results as fast as they’d like, so they give up. I believe it’s important to focus on more than just the physical, because it’s the mental and emotional that will keep you going!

What does your typical daily diet consist of?

I love to eat clean and organic as much as possible but don’t believe in strict diets or deprivation. For me, balance and moderation is important, as well as nutrient content. I teach a lot of classes and am very physically active, so I have to eat to fuel my workouts. I usually start my day with protein and veggies (i.e. two eggs with sautéed kale, spinach and red bell peppers) or greek yogurt and berries. If it’s a long training day, I might have 3-4 small meals throughout the day or have a regular lunch a dinner consisting of lean protein and veggies. I usually always have healthy snacks within reach, like fruit, nuts, turkey jerky etc., so I don’t get hangry (hungry + angry = hangry)!

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