Helping you train smarter and harder

Taking you to the edge and finding the confidence to flirt with one foot over it is the place Les Mills Jnr wants you to explore. Your safety is paramount but your limits might be in for a beating. This is LES MILLS GRIT™.

Les Jnr is creative director for the LES MILLS GRIT series of high intensity interval training workouts. His vision is to create the most intelligent exercise program on the planet.

“It’s all about progression. We’re working with physical institutes and university research teams to constantly improve your workouts. We never want to be at a stand-still.”

“We roped legendary trainer Corey Baird into the team for the past couple of workouts and his range of moves and creativity is off the charts.”

Les Jnr says working with world experts like Dr Jinger Gottschall from Penn State University helps keep everything tight.

“We must be more effective all the time and we also need to check all the new ideas are intelligent. We’re not just a bootcamp and we’re not trying to bust your body.”

Les Jnr gets head of research Bryce Hastings checks all the choreography is safe and will get you results. He’s also got GRIT original Nat Van Peer bringing a fresh and young crew of coaches into play.

“We’ve got the best system and the best team since GRIT started. It functions at a really high level and I’m so happy where we are right now.”

Like any good skipper, Les Jnr says that doesn’t mean it is time to back off. With 12 new workouts on the horizon every year, the science and creativity is constant.

“We’re cranking out high quality and consistency but there’s still heaps of room for innovation and progression.”

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