Meet #ONELIVE Melbourne winner Aaron Joyner

With the hunt for best instructor underway, we introduce your first finalist. Aaron Joyner proved he has what it takes in Melbourne, but can he take down the grand final in Stockholm? To be 'The One' you must be more than just a great instructor – you must be a Rock Star!

Where do you teach your Les Mills classes?

I teach Les Mills programs in six facilities in Melbourne including Genesis Maidstone, Mill Park Leisure Centre, One Health Epping, TRAC, Watermarc and Victoria University. I am fortunate to connect with over 200 participants a week and help them change their lives too.

Tell us a little bit about your background. What led you into the fitness industry?

My background is largely in theatre as a director, producer, performer and teacher. I am the Artistic Director of an independent theatre company that specializes in producing Australian-written musicals. I have a passion for the arts, and for a long time it was my primary focus. My family are very sports focused, but I had never been into sports or fitness growing up. I even spent one whole year at high school avoiding sports-class using every excuse imaginable. Genetically, I think I always knew I had some of my father’s athletic abilities but I just never put them into practice. But three years ago, as my father's health declined, I hit a point where I realised that my sedentary lifestyle was settling in too, and if I wanted to make a change, there was 'no day like today'. I set myself a two year goal, threw away my scales of doom and started making minor changes to redirect my life towards health and fitness. I started yoga, which I had always felt connected to but had never done a class, and I joined a gym. When I moved house, I changed gyms and did my first BODYBALANCE class. The fusion of yoga and music was my favorite way to exercise and after only three classes I knew I wanted to be a part of it. Since I started my journey I have lost (and kept off) 30kgs of weight. This passion for BODYBALANCE led me to put my theatre company on a break and build my teaching up to be my full time job.

What is your favorite program and track?

I will always have a special love for BODYBALANCE for how much it helped changed my life, but I now also teach CXWORX and RPM. I also participate in other Les Mills programs, and I think my 'favorite' would fluctuate on a regular basis! For track, it'd have to be track 4 in BODYBALANCE, the balance track. No specific one, all on shuffle is fine!

What do you love about teaching?

I like to connect with people, and I enjoy the puzzle of figuring out how to land coaching tips for the particular class in front of me. I've made so many great friends through being an instructor, and I am proud to be a part of their fitness journey and provide what tools I can to help them achieve.

What has been your biggest accomplishment/most rewarding moment?

Completing my AIM 2 in BODY BALANCE with Kylie Gates. It was a 2700km flight to Perth for the weekend, but I was rewarded with a mind blowing weekend of personal growth and discovery.

Tell us how you pass on your motivation to others?

By making classes fun and approachable, and using my own experiences and journey as an example.

Do you have a favorite quote or piece of advice?

Big goals are achieved through small steps.

What’s your best fitness tip?

Find the balance between improving your nutrition, your body and your mind. It's all about balance.

What’s your guilty pleasure?
Coffee. I always feel so much better when I limit or remove it ... But it just keeps calling me back.

What features on your favorite playlist?

In BODYBALANCE it would probably contain: Goreki, Grenade, Skyfall and Happy.

Describe yourself in one word.

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